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The premise of video games completely negate YOLO. Thanks to reset button, you can restart your life as many times as you want — you always get another shot. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is different, though; its permanent death system isn’t like other games. Your soldiers only get one shot — mess up and you’re toast forever. In the trailer above, soldiers run into perilous situations screaming “YOLO!” and repeatedly die from explosions and alien weapons. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is a third-person shooter blended with a strategy game. It’s set in 1962, and you’re tasked with leading your squad against waves of aliens trying to dominate the Earth. It’s a new twist on a franchise that has been around for decades, but is no less brutally challenging. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified is out for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Aug. 20. Image: Mashable composite, 2K Games Read more:
Go fuck yourself, Scott Walker. — Wil Wheaton (@wilw) July 5, 2013 The source of Wheaton’s Twitter outburst against the Wisconsin governor was Walker’s signing of a bill “requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals in order to perform abortions, and women to first have an ultrasound to ‘bond’ with the fetus.” Wheaton’s tweet is evidence that he doesn’t heed his own advice. Here’s a flashback tweet from last month: A study in dual tweeting personalities. In closing, “shut up, Wesley”: Update: Aw, Wheaton doesn’t like having his tweets quoted verbatim by Twitchy. Bless his precious heart.!/wilw/status/353306957442072576 Read more: New York witnesses describe spheres moving along power lines A New York couple at Massena reported watching two orange-red spheres near power lines as they drove eastbound along Route 131 directly behind the Alcoa Plant and parallel to the St. Lawrence Seaway Shipping Canal, according to testimony in Case 64114 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The reporting witness said the day was a high pressure day, no clouds, with no aircraft in sight, and temperature about 60 degrees F. about 8:15 p.m. on May 24, 2014. “I observed a solid looking reddish-orange sphere flying above and along power lines that lead directly into Alcoa,” the reporting witness stated. “They originate at the Robert Moses Power Dam that lies east-northeast of Alcoa by about five and-one-half miles.” The witness noticed the object did not have any lights on it as required for aircraft navigation. The first sphere crossed Route 131 at right angles to the road and at an elevation of approximately 600 feet. Pictured: Route 131 in Massena, NY. (Credit: Google) “Upon making this observation and bringing it to my wife’s attention I saw the second sphere following the first on the same flight path. I was nearing a section of the highway that didn’t allow any further observation.” The couple continued moving east along Route 131 for approximately 200 yards when they observed a sphere. “I assumed it was the first one, cross Route 131 at right angles to the road and at an elevation of approximately 600 feet. The sphere was larger in diameter due, I assume, to our closer proximity to it. I quickly lost sight of the sphere as trees on the north side of the road blocked our view. I had reached the turn to the south for the Dennison Road and took the turn and stopped.” The couple then saw the second sphere leaving the proximity of the power lines at a right angle and it seemed to follow the same northerly flight path of the first sphere. “Again, due to trees we lost sight of the object. I brought the vehicle back on Route 131, traveling east and sped up to allow us a better view to the north. When we reached an overgrown meadow with shorter trees we saw the first sighted object in a stationary position over the Seaway Shipping Canal. As the second object neared the position of the first sphere, the hovering sphere moved off to the north very quickly.” The witness watched as the first object moved away and could no longer be seen. “The second sphere, upon reaching the recently vacated position of the first object, began hovering, stationary without discernible movement. When the first sighted object was no longer discernible, the second object followed the flight path of the first sighted object until it too was no longer visible.” Both objects eventually moved away until they were no longer seen. Pictured: Route 131 in Massena, NY. (Credit: Google) Massena is a [More]
No, it’s not Bud Light’s Spuds Fucking Mackenzie. Nor is it Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua. Campaign UK is currently holding a poll to determine the greatest ever ad featuring a dog. They list 10 spots, most of them superb. I’ve taken the best of their list, and added a couple of my favorites from recent years. I’ve picked my winner. Now it’s you turn. Harvey for Thinkbox The dog’s real name is Sykes. He’s a Terrier from Oxfordshire, where he was found as a stray. He’s now world famous, thanks to advertising. He’s the official spokes-dog for Thinkbox, marketing arm of the UK’s commercial TV broadcasters. Here’s two of his commercials for Thinkbox. 1. Thinkbox “Every Home Needs a Harvey” Video available at: 2. Thinkbox “Harvey and the Rabbit” Video available at: 3. The Andrex toilet paper puppy (from the early 1970s) Video available at: 4. The Hamlet Cigars puppy (looks like the Andrex TP puppy) Video available at: 5. Pablo, the drug mule dog (for FRANK, a national drug education service established by the British government in 2003) Video available at: 6. Via France, the Ford Active Park Assist Dogs (all of them) Video available at: 7. “Tonto” for John Smith bitters (this is “Sykes” again, from the Thinkbox ads above) Video available at: 8. The confidence dog for VW Polo (he’s not so confident in the bank queue, hilarious) Video available at: 9. 1993. The Walls Sausages Dog (Brilliant) Video available at: 10. Via France, the Frolic dog biscuits Bulldog Video available at: 11. Border Collie “Roy” for Guinness (best St Patrick’s Day ad ever) Video available at: Read more:
Amazing Alex Amazing Alex Amazing Alex Amazing Alex Amazing Alex Amazing Alex Read more:
1. On May 14th, Vampire Weekend are dropping their new album, Modern Vampires of the City. View this image › / Via http://Stereogum How exciting! 2. These New York rockers always have something new and fresh up their sleeves. Especially Ezra Koenig, because he’s the most interesting part of the group. View this image › / Via http://Spin Look at him in this silly costume. 3. WRONG! View this image › / Via http://The%20Guardian Just look at this guy. Look at him. 4. Say hello to Chris Tomson, the drummer. View this image › Where did he come from? 5. He’s a drumming ninja. A real-life Energizer Bunny. Look at him go. View this image › Dizzy yet? 6. Even Drum Magazine is impressed. View this image › It seems like there’s a niche for everyone these days. 7. He also makes a gnarly drummer face. View this image › View this image › 9. This is probably the best example of his ninja arms in action. Seriously, what. Video available at: Via http://YouTube Especially at 00:07 and 01:18. And everywhere else. 10. This is cool, too. Video available at: YouTube Ninja on the move. Read more: Secrets of Project Red Light A. H., Boeing Aerospace. For more information, visit Subscribe at A.H. is a person who has gained significant information from inside the UFO extraterrestrial groups within our government, military and civilian companies. He has friends at the NSA, CIA, NASA, JPL, ONI, NRO, Area 51, the Air Force, Northrup, Boeing and others. He used to work at Boeing as… more info…
1. This is Jay Foreman. He loves the underground. View this image › Via 2. He knows every street.   3. He knows every park.   4. He knows every hill.   5. Basically, he knows everything.   6. So he picked up his guitar and sang all 270 tube stations in three minutes. What a great man. Video available at: Read more:
1. View this image › 2. View this image › 3. View this image › 4. View this image › 5. View this image › 6. View this image › 7. View this image › 8. View this image › 9. View this image › 10. View this image › 11. View this image › 12. View this image › 13. View this image › 14. View this image › 15. View this image › 16. View this image › 17. View this image › 18. Video available at: 19. View this image › 20. View this image › 21. View this image › 22. Video available at: 23. Video available at: 24. View this image › 25. Video available at: 26. Video available at: 27. Video available at: 28. View this image › 29. View this image › 30. View this image › 31. View this image › 32. View this image › 33. View this image › 34. View this image › 35. View this image › 36. View this image › 37. View this image › 38. View this image › 39. View this image › 40. View this image › 41. View this image › 42. View this image › 43. View this image › 44. View this image › 45. View this image › 46. View this image › 47. View this image › 48. View this image › Twitter: @SugarHedgehog <div class="buzz_superlist_item buzz_superlist_item_image buzz_superlist_item_wide imag Read more:
Video available at: Via http://Laughing%20Squid Read more:
NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recently spotted something peculiar on the Sun: a square hole. There are high-speed solar winds shooting out of this area, and the lack of material makes the UV image look dark in comparison to surrounding areas. This hole was spotted in a video that that collected data from May 5-7.  The SDO’s description on the YouTube video reads: Inside the coronal hole you can see bright loops where the hot plasma outlines little pieces of the solar magnetic field sticking above the surface. Because it is positioned so far south on the Sun, there is less chance that the solar wind stream will impact us here on Earth.” Researchers still aren’t sure what causes these coronal holes, but they are related to the fluctuations in the solar cycle when the magnetic poles reverse.  [Hat tip: Erin Ruberry, Discovery] Read more:
1. Max Shoes View this image › Stunningly simple way to advertise shoes, but it works. Via Switzerland. 2. Swiss Hemophilia Association View this image › At the bottom of the back side of the page, the copy reads: “For a hemophiliac this page is as dangerous as a razor blade. Help those affected:” 3. Penguin Multi Surface Cleaner View this image › Via Thailand. “Filth Has Nowhere To Hide.” Smart and fun and original for the category. 4. McDonald’s Video available at: I rarely like any McDonald’s ads. This one is nice, though. 5. Seventh Moon Tattoo Shop View this image › Via The Netherlands. 6. Daft Punk: Random Access Memories View this image › Via In Los Angeles. When you’re Daft Punk, this is all you have to do to promote an album. 7. Toronto Crime Stoppers Ball Video available at: Here’s the print ad from the campaign. 8. nanoblock View this image › A series of cute little ambient ads placed on the streets. See the rest of them here. 9. Fox Movies View this image › “No commercial breaks. Via Dubai. 10. New Zealand Weather Service (The Winner For March) View this image › They turned a billboard into a real-time weather update. Brilliant. Read more:
Talk about a way to start your day: An 11-year-old boy named Quinn Sheeran has developed an incredible life hack raising the ceiling on expectations for a stick of anti-perspirant. He wired Old Spice deodorant to play the inspiring Rocky theme song upon removing its cap. Watch Sheeran explain his invention in the YouTube clip above. Quinn’s older cousin originally posted a photo of the gizmo to Reddit on Sunday. It became so popular there that he felt obliged to come back and post a video with the details (above). And that’s not all — Quinn’s cousin-turned-publicist now reports the young genius will appear on CNN on Monday at 6:55 p.m. ET. Watch the video above and let us know what you think in the comments. What’s the most clever life hack you’ve seen lately? Homepage image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images Read more:
View this image › Tonight marks the premiere of Super Buddies, the latest and greatest chapter of Disney Channel’s series featuring the descendants of Air Bud, that canine wonder that was introduced to the world in 1997, defying physics, biology, and professional human athletes to dunk basketballs and score touchdowns. This is the seventh installment of the Buddies spin-off series — you’ve seen Spooky Buddies and Santa Buddies, right?! — and it will no doubt be the greatest movie about superhero dogs since at least 2007’s Underdog. Video available at: If you consider Super Buddies a sort of X-Dog team, the next step in the evolution of animal heroes — and I do — it is important to look back on the cinematic anthropomorphism that came before them. The first real animal star dates all the way back to the early days of the medium. Rin Tin Tin, a German Shepard rescued during World War I, was so popular during the silent film era that he was reportedly voted Best Actor at the 1929 Oscars — only for the Academy to intervene with horrible dogscrimination and rule that only humans could win the award. Incredibly, Rin Tin Tin — whose real name was Rinty, as coined by Lee Duncan, the American soldier who rescued him — rose to fame using just his physical prowess and facial expressions. He never spoke in movies, even when talkies took over Hollywood. In the 1925 film below, for example, Rin Tin Tin is described as a “half-breed wolf — combining the savage strength of the wild, with the intelligence of his dog ancestry.” His name in the movie is Lobo — Spanish for wolf — and he has a love interest, Nanette. Romantic. Video available at: Decades after Rin Tin Tin died in 1932, the franchise continued with the 1950s TV series The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, which, for a short time, starred Hey You, a direct descendent of the original RTT. Sadly, Hey You was soon replaced, and the dog never spoke past barking — much like Lassie, whose distraught howls were very clear to the townspeople, if not the TV audience at home. Even though fake Rin Tin Tin didn’t talk, and Lassie was unintelligible to everyone who wasn’t in running distance of Timmy and that treacherous well, there were talking animals on TV at the time. Mostly, they lived in barns. Francis the Talking Mule, who starred in seven comedy films in the 1950s, was also a war vet — kind of like the original War Horse — and only spoke to his master. Sound familiar? Perhaps something like Mister Ed? He was actually the precursor for the iconic character in that the first six Francis movies were directed by a guy named Arthur Lublin, who went on to create the series about the most legendary talking horse in Hollywood history. Mister Ed — who moved his mouth thanks to a wire tied to his gums, not peanut [More] A 90th Degree Mason – Whistle Blower (Full Disclosure) Part 1 of 2 A 90th Degree Mason – Whistle Blower (Full Disclosure) Part 1 of 2 more info…
Document – Where You Are Video available at: Last week, indie rock band Document released their debut single “Where You Are.” Created by band member Nir Ben Jacob (vocals), the music video features a compelling montage of bizarre and perspective-altering GIFs, with a focus on recurring paradox loops, pop culture dance allusions, and absurd, sometimes animated destruction. As a written companion to Document’s video, consider Rex Sorgatz’s creative and penetrating essay: Trapped in The Loop. “Now manifested in GIFs, Vines, Supercuts, music samples, instant replays, and endless other formats, The Loop has become the preeminent narrative device of our time.” 3. LINK Thumbnail art ” Eternal Recurrence – 3:03 PM” by Tom Colbie Read more:
Video available at: Via 2. This is not the guy who voiced this video View this image › 3. This is the guy who you hear on the clip. He does great impersonations View this image › Read more:
Planted motion-activated wildlife cameras are great because we get to have a unique view of how animals act naturally in their habitats. Sometimes the perspective is a little more natural than anticipated, as was the case in Australia recently. Intended for monitoring crocodiles in the Margaret River, park officials placed a camera that eventually went missing this past spring. Because wildlife cameras are frequently displaced by wildlife, it was assumed that it got knocked into the water and that the camera was lost. A few weeks ago, the camera was recovered about 68 miles (110 kilometers) away near the Mary River. Though the camera had obviously taken a beating, they were able to recover about 90 seconds of fragmented footage. They were able to determine the culprit: a young eagle. The camera is angled up, so it doesn’t show you what it would be like to soar like an eagle, but it does show you what it would feel like to be a terrified small mammal who is about to be lunch. The footage shows the camera being picked up from the riverbank and flown to a rock cliff where the curious bird pecks and scratches at it. The eagle was likely young because older eagles fly up with prey and drop it, killing it on impact. If an older eagle had gotten its talons on the camera, it probably would have been obliterated. Check out the footage: Read more:
This one song takes us through many styles without losing a beat — from ambient to zouk in 3 minutes… (via Tastefully Offensive) Read more:
Someone takes Call of Duty and Major League Gaming competitions a little bit too seriously… Warning: VOLUME! Sent by Ryan T. UPDATE: switched the embed. It seems that the original video was sold to Jukin Media and removed from Youtube. Read more:
Video available at: In today’s video, I try to eat pepper spray, get an epic brain freeze, snort kool aid and more youtube challenges that you guys dared me to do in the comment section. Read more: Holographic Disclosure 14The Awakening Everything you believe and hold to be true will be shattered! Vibration and frequency is the key to reality. more info…
@JoeNBC you should listen to the whole video to see what the crowd was chanting before you take a cheap shot at Romney. Pretty sad Joe… — Captain Crunch (@greenrotgut) September 28, 2012 Listen to the whole thing? That would not suit. How could the lapdogs then deceptively edit video in order to attempt to shame Mitt Romney and boost up The One? First it was Andrea Mitchell over at MSNBC. Remember, she ran a deceptively edited video trying to paint Mitt Romney as confused by Wawa. That “real journalist” was exposed by “just a blogger.” And it has happened again. Another altered video MSNBC Scandal? Campaign Event Claims Network Misled in Video of Rally Chant for ROMNEY/RYAN — anthony zumpano (@tonyzump) September 28, 2012 What video? Oh, just one that Joe Scarborough ran on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and other media outlets breathlessly ran with it. If you somehow haven't yet seen video of Romney stopping crowd from chanting "Ryan" and starting "Romney-Ryan" chant — Jon Ward (@jonward11) September 26, 2012 ICYMI it this morning, here is @JoeNBC double-facepalming to the "ROM-NEY, RY-AN" video: — Ian Actual (@iboudreau) September 27, 2012 Turns out, he should be double facepalming himself. Hey, @JoeNBC, raw CSPAN footage seems to suggest that NBC editors manipulated Romney/Ryan clip. What say you? — Meredith Dake (@meredithdake) September 28, 2012 That’s right. MSNBC ran a clip that tried to paint a false narrative. They claimed that a crowd at a rally was chanting the name Ryan. And that Mitt Romney jumped in and tried to get them to chant Romney instead. What really happened? The Blaze uncovered the deception. Indeed, the MSNBC closed captions claims the was crowd chanting “Ryan!“ when attendees say they were actually chanting ”Romney!” Obviously, this changes a lot about the situation. Instead of awkwardly inserting his name into what sounds like a failed chant, Gov. Romney was actually including his running mate in a crowd chant of his own name. “Mitt said, ‘Let’s try this, Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan, I like that better!‘ Jewett’s email continues. “I thought to myself ‘what a humble guy to include Ryan in our chant.’” Video via TownHall: And, as we discovered, live tweets from a couple of journalists covering the rally prove it as well. Romney gets on stage and the crowd chanting 'Romney, Romney' and so Romney starts a "Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan" chant. — Ginger Gibson (@GingerGibson) September 25, 2012 Romney asks crowd to switch "Romney" chant to "Romney-Ryan" — Joe Vardon (@joevardon) September 25, 2012 RT @GingerGibson: Romney gets on stage and the crowd chanting 'Romney, Romney' and so Romney starts a "Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan" chant. — Felicia Sonmez (@feliciasonmez) September 25, 2012 "Wait a second, Romney-Ryan, Romney-Ryan, there we go, that's great," Romney tells the crowd in Vandalia, Ohio — Felicia Sonmez (@feliciasonmez) September 25, 2012 @luvGodncountry I watched this live. The crowd chanted "Romney, Romney" & he corrected them to chant "Romney-Ryan". MSNBC liars. @theblaze — Sir Guy of Gisbourne (@SirGuyGisbourne) September 27, 2012 @Morning_Joe [More]
Awesome Paper Plane Machine Gun (Video) Dieter Michael Kron used 3D printed parts to build a cool paper airplane gun with automated folding mechanism… via Read more:
Video available at: Note: Making people feel dread (Sarah) is not the way to get people to (McLachlan) adopt a pet. Nealon’s deadpan delivery is perfect here. Did you catch him on Bill Maher a couple weeks ago? Very funny man. Ad agency: TBWAChiatDay. Read more:
The latest addition to the Google Street View team isn’t a Toyota Prius or Chevy Volt — It’s a Raffia… That’s right, a 10-year-old camel named Raffia is the latest transportation mode being used to capture the world on Google. Departing at 6:00 AM when conditions in the desert are clearest, Raffia logs miles a day in the United Arab Emirates’ beautiful Liwa Desert… The incredible images reveal not only the beautiful sands of the Arabian desert, but also the peaceful oases that offer a reprieve from the barren landscape surrounding them… If you want to see more, be sure to head over to Google and check out the desert for yourself, or check out this brief video showing the camel in action… Via: Messy Nessy Chic Read more:
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