Haunted Houses,

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  1. Ellen O says:

    Love your videos, but you already knew that! I was hoping that #1 would be
    the one where you can see the shadow aparition move on the other side of
    the glass doors. They were are all good though. I hate that people are so
    rude in your comments, and it makes me wonder why they search for such
    videos if they’re not believers. I also feel like sometimes the poltergeist
    or spirit, whichever it may be, does things that could be faked just so
    that you do get shit about it and so that you have people who doubt you. Oh

  2. Lynn Manyfires says:

    As part of a Paranormal Investigation group, the last one made me sit up
    and pay attention. There were a LOT of orbs going by there. And I hadn’t
    see them in the previous shots of the living room. I saw the Vase (?) move
    right after all the orbs passed by…and then I saw something else caught
    my eye…something I’ve not seen before. Under the vase, underneath the
    table, right where the wrought iron is…I saw what looked like a ‘ripple’
    as the orbs were whizzing by. Don’t know if it was the camera. But wondered
    if that ‘ripple’ might be the aperture or portal…because that sure was a
    lot of orbs going by.

  3. DryGrindersHD says:

    3:50 you can see a hand or something moving opening the door still nice
    video’s tho i dont know what to believe i have never seen something like
    this in real life it meight be real untill i see it il just hope it aint
    real :D

  4. MissLady40V says:

    Your home is a beacon, and a portal for spirit to come through. Your home
    must be on crossing ley lines… There are thousands of entities coming and
    going through your home… Cover all the mirrors and anything that will
    make a reflection and do a blessing on your home using sage, repeating the
    Lord’s prayer and demanding that they leave and stay gone, then protect the
    four corners of your property using sea salt and prayer. You can even use
    the sage outside as well… be stern with them and make it clear that that
    is YOUR home and they are NOT allowed to use it as a portal to come and
    go… Direct them to go to the light, but make it very clear that NONE of
    them are welcome…Uncover the mirrors and windows, anything that would
    make a reflection, and clean it well with vinegar….
    Good Luck!

  5. lilmissglentoran says:

    Did you close the Ouiji board session? There feels like a portal in the

  6. Luis Sanchez says:

    sleep overs must be fun there. :D

  7. Antoni Tabla says:

    Illuminati confirmed.

  8. Sosuke Aizen says:

    Call the ghost adventures crew :D

  9. Angela Chapman says:

    Alright. David- Jacob. I watched the video, it’s REAL. This isn’t fake,
    it’s real. I see the orbs, and I believe Miss Lady. U have more then one
    spirit in this house, and I can tell. I can tell just from all the orbs (
    spirits) that are flying around in the house. U have an evil spirit that
    was following u around, and it’s more then one. My best suggestion is to
    move out of this house, bless the house, you. U need to keep the spirits
    away from you before it can hurt you. Mentally, physically. 

  10. Trend101Warrior says:

    I live in San Jose, California, and I almost encounter the ghost similar to
    this one. There is a place called Marsh Road and there was a 14 year old
    girl Marcy Conrad who was killed in that road in the bridge by her
    boyfriend then she was dumped into the river from the bridge. Listening to
    all of the ghost stories, the Conrad incident hit me the most, as it took
    place in an isolated, quite, low-crime rate city, (Milpitas is closely
    adjacent to San Jose, not far away from here), not some big city like Los
    Angeles and New York City.

    Five days ago, we actually went to the site at night where she was killed
    34 years ago in hopes that the presence of her ghost would appear, since
    there have been speculation from many people who went there that
    supposedly, her ghost haunts the area. Me and my two others friends went to
    check out the area to see for ourselves. However, as we approach the area,
    all of us felt shaken and have a bad feeling what was going on there. The
    fog then got up to our car, making us feel paralyzed that we distracted the
    ghost of Marcy. By the time we crossed the bridge (where she was raped and
    murdered), we saw something horrible, like a ghost-like figure of a girl
    (we really can’t be sure if it was really Marcy or not) so we decided to
    just get the hell out of there. It was my first time seeing paranormal
    activity and it really scared the shit out of us.

  11. z power says:

    Just after you posted the words ‘Ghosts opening doors’, you can see an orb
    move really fast from the bottom right of the screen, and ends at the door,
    has anyone else seen it?

  12. Maureen Desquitado says:

    Why is there a washing machine in your kitchen?

  13. Growed Topia says:

    Fake!!! 1:12 It was his hand i cough him when it had to buffer!

  14. Kevin Richey says:

    fuck you still in the house for ?

  15. Autumn Yates says:

    The best thing you can do is to state your authority over the house. Make
    it known that whatever is there is not welcome. Try and get someone to
    bless the house and do a cleansing

  16. Debbie Laird says:

    First time seeing any of ur vids
    I am a skeptic… Though I find ur video here very very intriguing… 



  18. Spirituality1980 says:

    Your house may have been the place where murder and/or suicide(s) may have
    taken place. And/or the occult was practiced. Or, perhaps, you yourself are
    carrying out occult rituals to invite spirits like e.g. the ouija board. If
    I were you, I’d stop that and get the house blessed. Just my opinion. Wish
    you a safe and happy time in that house.

  19. Aron Lee says:

    9:22 There are orbs too…

  20. liegebeest geeft de geest says:

    i would love to believe this since i had some ghost sightings myself, but
    the thing is all the moving objects could have done by somebody offcamera,
    even using almost invisble wires. the objects always move in one direction
    and fragile objects like that cup never fall on the floor because you don’t
    want them to brake. as for the orbs, the float down from the upper left to
    the lower right so they are maybe just dust that you create yourself with a
    dusty pillow or somehting.

    i am a believer in ghosts or whatever those beings are, and i am sure i am
    gonna get reply’s of angry fans and shit but you know in the case of
    paranormal events one should always try to debunk it first, it is part of
    paranormal research, so i don’t mean it hatefull or anything but it is just
    how it is supossed to be done.

  21. Madison Taylor says:

    at 6:51 on the right side of the glass it looks like something is standing
    behind you to your far right. 

  22. Seneca Rosemary says:

    Orbs are NOT that consistent. There’s no way it’s real. Entities can NOT
    move objects that swiftly. It’s not real. Also, it just HAPPENED to follow
    you when you were looking for it, with a camera. If I’m wring, I’m wrong.
    But seeing as I’m no idiot, I highly doubt this is real. Also. In the #1
    sighting, the orbs were right by the camera, but the copper(?) vase on the
    table moved. I’m calling camera effect. At least on that. Please do not
    take offense, I’m just stating the facts. And the most prominent fact is,
    that some, if not all of this video is FAKE.

  23. Mike Patton says:

    See if you can get it to wash and fold your laundry.

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