US consulate official shot in Mexico; suspect arrested

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5948d2718a5090ea8e4f72d50bb0cc47.jpeg (CNN)Days after a gunman shot a US diplomatic official in Mexico, authorities arrested an American in connection with the shooting, officials said Sunday. The official, who works at the US Consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico, is in stable condition, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said.

Fidel’s Cuba: 3 generations under ‘El Comandante’

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7fc07bc645434b5c919965fe3a16f05a.jpeg Havana, Cuba (CNN)When Fidel Castro and his bearded rebels descended the Sierra Maestra mountains, Maria del Socorro Cadet was a teenager in the southeastern Cuban city of Santiago de Cuba. The first shots of Castro’s epic revolution were fired there. It’s also where his ashes will be delivered to a final resting place on Sunday…. Read more »

Venezuela: Protesters vow turning point against President Maduro

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7d95f5950aa0f892efea5c55ffe28308.jpeg (CNN)Pope Francis wants them to talk. But the noisy disagreements between Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his political foes may drown out any dialogue. “The time has come to defend Venezuela’s constitution,” opposition leader Henrique Capriles said at a news conference called ahead of planned protests Wednesday that organizers say will be so big that… Read more »

Former Brazilian legislator arrested in corruption probe

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72aa5f588af23e1a72384083af24a238.jpeg Rio de Janeiro (CNN)An ousted Brazilian legislator who led the impeachment of the country’s president was arrested Wednesday in a long-running federal corruption probe, authorities said. Eduardo Cunha, former speaker of Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, was apprehended in Brasilia. Federal police escorted Cunha to a police aircraft which flew him to the city of Curitiba,… Read more »

Haiti: Hurricane Matthew devastation in 10 photos

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0319e45067f3a21a3bd26d8c4eeb6679.jpeg (CNN)Hurricane Matthew has transformed Haiti into a disaster zone, yet again. The powerful storm affected 350,000 people. United Nations officials are calling the destruction left in the wake of the country’s worst humanitarian crisis since the devastating earthquake in 2010. At least 336 people have died since Matthew made landfall in Haiti on Tuesday as… Read more »

Rio 2016 officials apologize to China for using wrong flag

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8ac1f992f59ef018517a7f3eddd7b96a.jpeg Rio de Janeiro (CNN)Olympics officials in Rio have apologized after discovering they were raising an incorrect Chinese national flag during medal ceremonies. Both Chinese flags are red and feature a large yellow star flanked by four smaller stars. But there are subtle differences in how the smaller stars are aligned. Andrada said the flags made… Read more »

Earl becomes a Category 1 hurricane

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d3970f9a1d8074331950cdf7ca51b546.jpeg (CNN)Earl, which is moving in the Caribbean toward Belize and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, has been upgraded from a tropical storm to hurricane, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said. The Category 1 storm has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph . Earl is expected to make landfall in Belize overnight. A hurricane warning is in… Read more »

Brazil senate head recorded proposing to weaken bribes investigation

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Renan Calheiros heard in wire tap suggesting changes to use of plea bargains for people arrested in the Petrobras scandal The president of alleged bribes involving the state oil company, Petrobras. The conversation shows senate leader Renan Calheiros suggesting legal changes to bar the use of plea bargains for people who have been arrested. Prosecutors… Read more »