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"Alien Abduction Stories - Ep. 01 - Missing Time"

There are many people out there claiming to have been abducted by aliens.
One story is more strange than the next.
Some people describe how time stops when they are abducted. This is one of those stories.
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Missing time is a contentious occurrence told by some individuals in junction with close encounters amid U.F.O.s and alien abduction phenomena. The expression "missing time" concerns a void in conscious recollection recounting a precise period in time. The void can last from a number of minutes to a couple of days in length. The recollection of what took place during the missing time is frequently recovered by way of hypnosis or in the course of dreaming.

Missing time is contentious in that aside from skepticism in U.F.O. events, it is closely aligned to other disputed matters such as regained memories and hypnotic suggestion. Meaning that the recollection of the occurrence, actual or imagined, is so disturbing that the mind suppresses it. Time can additionally be lost without an actual abduction.

What do you think? Are people being abducted by aliens? Are there aliens on earth?
Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

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