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Tim Weisberg, the new host of Midnight in the Desert stops in to say hello, then Nova Scotia's Nighttime Podcast host, Jordan Bonaparte discusses UFO topics, then Canada's renown longtime UFO investigator, researcher, Chris Rutkowski joins us to discuss UFOs in Canada, his recent donation of over 20,000 UFO reports to the University of Manitoba, the Falcon Lake UFO Incident and much more. Check out:

CHRIS RUTKOWSKI is a Canadian science writer and educator. Since the mid-1970s, he’s written about his investigations and research on UFOs, for which he is best known. However, he has been involved in many other writing and media projects for more than 30 years, including TV specials (The Monster of Lake Manitoba, 1996), planetarium shows (Moonlight Serenade, 1983, and Amateur Nights, 1989) and newspaper columns (Strange Tales, in the Northern Times, Thompson, Manitoba, 1984 to 1985). He has ten published books on UFOs and related issues, a collection of short stories and has contributed to many other volumes, both fiction and non-fiction. His second book, Unnatural History, was a comprehensive and historical survey of many kinds of paranormal phenomena in Manitoba, including ghosts, UFOs, Sasquatch and lake monsters, and documented many of his own investigations. His recent works include A World of UFOs (2008), I Saw It Too! (2009), and The Big Book of UFOs (2010). He is the co-author with Stan Michalak of When They Appeared (2017), the story of one of Canada’s most famous UFO encounters. He was asked to contribute two lists to Christine Hanlon’s new book Everything Manitoba (2019).

Rutkowski has investigated and conducted research into UFOs and other paranormal phenomena since 1976, amassing more than 20,000 separate Canadian UFO reports, thousands of books and journals, and tens of thousands of documents and papers to support his work.

He is the Moderator of the Facebook group UFO UpDates, the discussion forum created by the late Errol Bruce-Knapp, continuing the focus on bringing serious UFO conversation to the general public and dedicated researchers.

Rutkowski is on Twitter (@ufologyresearch) and blogs at:

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