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Incredible archive footage has emerged of eye-witness accounts of a UFO landing in a field in Stoke-on-Trent.

The year was 1967 and space fever was at its height and flying saucers and alien spacecraft were the talk of the pubs, offices and factory floors of the Potteries.

There were dozens of sightings of flying saucers in the skies above North Staffordshire as summer neared an end.

But one particular incident on night of September 2 - with dozens of independent accounts of a red glowing craft - seemed to have even the experts puzzled.

Now StokeonTrentLive has acquired a clip from ATV Today where housewives, children and even a police officer reveal exactly what they saw that mysterious night in Bentilee.

It starts with presenter Gwyn Richards doing a piece to camera about an 'extraordinary event which was witnessed by a great many people'.

Two of those he interviews are neighbours Mrs Bowen and Mrs Stephenson who both saw the UFO land next to the estate.

Meanwhile, a circumspect local policeman also gives his account of the Bentilee UFO - and offered a possible explanation.

He says: "We got there and we were met by a gang of children and one or two adults who informed us that they had seen this glow in the sky travelling from east to west or west to east, I can't remember exactly which. And that it had disappeared over the brow of the hill we were facing.

"We started climbing this bank. We were a little apprehensive and we did send quite a few children back who were quite small.

"These things could happen but I don't actually believe in them but I can't prove it one one way or the other.

"The parents of the children were so adamant that this thing had happened we thought we'd be on the safe side. We carried on to the top of the hill and could see no signs. We could see nothing at all.

"In the distance, there was a public house that had all yellow signs around it. I assumed that this lighting up for the first time could have been what they had seen."

UFO investigators Roger Stanway and Tony Pace were also interviewed for the piece at Newchapel Observatory where they described the Bentilee landing as 'quite incredible'.

They revealed how they took their findings to the Ministry of Defence which confirmed something happened on the estate that night.

Mr Pace says: "The fact that quite a few witnesses were quite worried and disturbed at what had occurred convinced us that something really strange had happened on that Saturday night in September 1967."

Mr Stanway adds: "We couldn't find any explanation from the sources we contacted; air traffic control, the police, things of that nature.

"And as people on the estate wanted an explanation and we wanted something as well, we thought we'd go down to the MoD in London.

We discussed the Bentilee episode as there was a terrific amount of evidence and independent witnesses.

"I then faced them with the bold question - 'Well gentleman, do you think in fact what is described in this report actually did take place?'. The reply was 'yes'.

"Well, this somewhat surprised me as I expected them to have a number of explanations.

"My next question was 'What is the explanation, what were these objects, these phenomena?'. Much to my surprise, they said 'we have no idea'. My immediate reaction was to say 'does this worry you?'. And they said 'yes'."

The report ends with Mr Richards telephoning Manchester Airport from a public call-box to report his own sighting of a strange craft in Derbyshire.

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