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Rendlesham Forest Incident (1980)
In 1980, several strange lights were reportedly seen near Rendlesham Forest in England. Military police were sent to investigate them. According to a memo, they discovered a UFO-like object on the ground. One officer moved forward to touch it, causing the object to allegedly move away through the forest. The truth of the incident is still debated to this day, with some insisting that it was all a hoax
The betty and,barley hill abduction(1961)
The most famous case of alleged alien abduction concerns Betty and Barney Hill. The couple was driving home from vacation when they saw a bright light in the sky. They claim that it followed them for some distance before descending toward them, at which point Barney said he saw several humanoid figures peering out of an aircraft. According to the couple, they were soon captured and forced to undergo physical examinations at the hands of their alien captors. The case became the subject of a book and TV movie.
The Lubbock Lights (1951)
One night in 1951, a group of Texas Tech professors saw a strange group of lights racing over Lubbock, Texas. The sighting was reported to authorities, and the local Air Force denied that any planes were flying that night. 18-year old Carl Hart Jr. took five photographs of the fast-moving objects, which became known as the Lubbock Lights.

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