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October 7, 1972
Case 105586: On January 15, 2020, a 62-year old witness-abductee reported a bizarre event that took place in 1972.  Living in Greenville, Mississippi, at that time, he was 10 years old and his brother was 15.  They first sensed turbulence in the air while they were doing chores in their backyard; and, looking up, they saw the image of a “static disguise” . . . “revealing the flat bottom” of a 100-feet diameter saucer about 35 feet above them.  There as a “tingling sensation like a strong static charge” and a solid metal-against-metal sound.  “A panel opened to reveal the inner workings of the craft.   There were clear, gas-filled tubes filled with electrical discharges, and it appeared that the gas was being released, like [refrigerant] gas [such as the equivalent of freon].”  There was a series of square windows with rounded corners that could “darken quickly” and a blue and a red light on the base of the saucer.  The was a very large “exhaust” in the bottom center of the craft. There was a “metal pole [at the] center of [the] saucer.”  There were 25 to 30 “engravings” [glyphs] on the side of the saucer apparently representing star chart references.


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