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Case 89211: In Clinton, Tennessee, in 1994, a nine-year boy had just finished his Saturday night shower.  As his mother was working, he was staying for the weekend with his grandparents.  He wanted to play, so he went to fetch his tub of toys.  He walked down the hallway, he had a paralyzing fear that something or someone was watching his every move.  His bedroom was at the end of the hall, but the boy had to pass by the study, the room that created the sense of fear.  The hallway and the study were both dark.  The boy walked slowly to the doorway of the study and looked inside at the window. There was a street light illuminating the exterior. There were two faces looking through the window into the study staring at the boy.  The two faces were what are now called Grays or “Zetas.” 1  One of the Grays was at least four feet tall and the one to the right was five to six feet tall.  The taller being had a smaller head and a long, thin neck.  The being on the right had an unusual mannerism and would look very slowly from one side to the other as if it were searching from something or someone else in the room.  Then, a third, long-necked Gray appeared to the left of the short Gray and pressed his face to the window pane.  The witness just stood there in shock and disbelief with with his tub of toys in hand.  He was less than 20 feet away from the three Gray beings.


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