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A homeowner appeared to vanish in a streak of light when he stepped off his porch in astonishing Ring doorbell footage.It starts with the man slamming shut the front door of his house in Porter, Texas.He starts walking down the garden path before suddenly appearing to be whisked up into the night sky in a thin flash of light. The scene was compared to Star Trek, when Captain Kirk steps into the transporter and says 'beam me up, Scotty'  before he is teleported back to the Starship Enterprise.One social media user commented: 'Don't know what was in his hand when he came out the door... beam me up Scotty.'Other viewers suggested it was an alien abduction. One wrote: 'Most definitely aliens. open your EYEZ people ... they are here among us...' Share this article Share And a woman added: 'ET went home.'.The man's fiancee commented on the video, which was taken on December 27.She said: 'This morning, my fiance and I were looking through our videos recorded by Ring and we found a weird glitch.'She said she told him: 'Look Ring had you abducted by aliens or you just been part of the rapture!' and added: 'Either way, it was really funny!'  Alien abduction... or camera glitch? Moment householder VANISHES

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