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Man naruto runs behind reporter as people arrive near Area 51.








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Published on Sep 20, 2019

As people arrive to the “Storm Area 51” event, the hype is building up all over the internet. There are people setting up camps near the Area 51 military event, and more slowly coming. In this video, you’ll see the first Naruto Run done for the “Storm Area 51” event, recorded by a local news station. No copyright intended, as all footage is used in fair use. Copyright goes to the news station. Tags (Ignore): storm area 51,area 51,area 51 raid,storming area 51,storm area 51 event,area 51 meme,area 51 nevada,raid on area 51,storm,area 51 memes,area 51 aliens,area 51 raid date,when is area 51 raid,area51,raiding area 51,area,area 51 event,storm area 51 game,how to storm area 51,storm area 51 memes,area 51 storming,area 51 festival,storm area 51 event day,storm area 51 facebook, area 51,area 51 raid,storm area 51,storming area 51,area 51 meme,raid area 51,area 51 memes,area 51 aliens,raid, on area 51,storm area 51 event,area 51 nevada,area 51 raid date,area 51 storming,what is area 51,area 51 raid live,storming area 51 early,area 51 song,area 51 news,area 51 live,when is area 51 raid,storm area 51 meme,what is storm area 51,storming area 51 liveaream,51, storm area 51, nevada, area51, news, area 51 raid, storming area 51, storm area 51 event, raid on area 51, area 51 raid date, area 51 nevada, alienstock, investigative journalism, journalism, area 51 raid nevada, area 51 event, september 20th, september 20, ewu, ewu crew, explore with us, area 51 memes, area 51 arrested, area 51 storming, sept 20, rachel nevada, area 51 aliens, raiding area 51, rush area 51, area 51 song, area, when is area 51 raid, ties area 51, area 51 meme, festival, raid area 51, area 51 festival, 2019, area51 aliens, aliens cheeks

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Category: Comedy

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