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Hundreds of years in the past a particular, genetically superior race of beings got here to Earth. They have been seen as Gods by primitive man and worshipped. They set themselves aside. Some mated with people and created a particular race. When the beings departed, a hybrid species remained and taught mankind. The human race, which had existed for tens of hundreds of years as hunters and gatherers, now had systematic data on a startling degree. They management our hearts and minds; they management this world; they management each particular person from the depths of outer area. From the second you might be born, you might be numbered and moved via a course of to feed their machine. No one is actually free. We’re all working for the masters. On uncommon events, they’re revealed to the world and within the 18th century we had a glimpse of their large energy. We all know them because the Illuminati. From big worldwide firms, to hidden governments, from secret societies to medication, the Illuminati are in management.

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