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Black Triangle Sighting in Newcasttle upon Tyne, England on 2017-12-31 19:30:00 - Green triangle travelling from the east to the west.
I was waiting along the footpath outside my home for a friend. it was new years eve it was cold and the night sky was clear. there were fireworks going off in a westerly direction which i watched until they stopped. after a period of around 15 minutes i looked up into the night sky and i saw what can only be described as a green triangle traveling towards me from a westerly position. i had a good view of the object as it passed over me. the underside of the craft was lit up light green it had structure and it was without any propulsion outlets. the craft was completely silent but it was the way it moved that got me. it was as if the sky directly in front of the craft was being turned into cotton wool and then the craft was ripping it apart as it traveled on. it was so majestic the way it moved. what i was seeing almost frightened me the craft disappeared over the houses towards the west and i lost sight of it. what i saw was like no plane or aircraft ive ever seen the fact it was silent and the way it moved said to me that it was a ufo. ive never seen one before that night i would describe myself as an intelligent level headed person i wasn't hallucinating or seeing an optical illusion what i saw was real and it shocked me. ive kept all knowledge of this incident to myself up until now this is the first report ive made i haven't told anyone about what i saw.

UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas on 2018-11-26 14:01:00 - Cluster of unidentified objects escorting air force fighter airplanes
My residence is located under one of the flight paths for kelly afb in san antonio. i regularly take photographs with a nikkon camera of military airplanes flying over and around my residence in daylight and at night.

on november 26, 2018 i was doing yard work in the morning and witnessed two air force fighter jets with full after burners flying very low, and loudly, over my residence. i had heard them taking off from kelly afb a few minutes before i saw them. they were flying toward the southwest.

about 2:00 pm that afternoon i heard jets and wanted to get some photographs so i grabbed my camera and went outside. the air force fighter jets flew over my residence again at about 2:01 pm and i took a couple of photographs.

the air force fighter jets went around the flight path one more time and were over my residence at about 2:04 pm so i snapped some more photographs.

i don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary in the sky at the time, however, i was intensely focused on just the fighter jets.

i put my camera back in it's case and didn't download the images off of the camera into the computer until the next day. i erased the images from my camera for space for thanksgiving day photos. i intended to put some of the images of the fighters on my facebook page after thanksgiving so i didn't bother reviewing the airplane photographs at that time.

on november 30, 2018 i began reviewing thanksgiving day photographs and decided to take a look at my airplane photographs so i could post one. when i looked at the first photograph i saw a object next to one of the airplanes.

i continued reviewing the series of nine photographs i had taken and noticed more objects in each of the photographs. several photographs have just a few objects in them but many of the photographs have multiple objects.

UFO Sighting in Valrico, Florida on 2018-11-07 21:30:00 - While skywatching with 2 friends, i witnessed a chevron shaped craft
I was skywatching with 2 friends of mine at their house in valrico fl. we were sitting in their screened-in back patio porch lanai in our gravity chairs enjoying the clear night sky and watching the stars. we do this quite often and we enjoy identifying the constellations and looking for shooting stars, etc. at around 9:30pm on november 7, 2018, i sat up quickly because i saw a chevron (v) shaped object flying almost directly over us, moving horizontally from north to south in a straight line at a consistent speed. i shouted and pointed it out to my friends to look at, but they could not see it, even though i could clearly see it. the object was dark but looked 'transparent'or almost cloaked, but i could easily see the outline of it moving across the night sky. there were approximately 7-8 white 'beads' (glowing orbs) that appeared to be under the craft, but they could have been windows that ran the entire length of each side. there were no flashing or bright running lights - nothing but the glow of the small white orbs.

my friends have seen a similar 'craft' before in the past and they brought out a drawing of it to show me and it looked exactly like what i saw.

there is also a mufon report from the same day (11-7-18) from a gentleman in boca raton, fl at 9:36pm (just minutes after i saw mine), that experienced something very similar to what i had witnessed, which is why i decided to report my sighting.

i was very excited to see it and did not feel threatened at all.

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