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today i read a ufo article involving sightings and the mufon organization. i knew right away i had to contact mufon to document my sighting of a black triangle 14 yrs ago. i have told a few people about my experience but dont make a point to do so unless the subject comes up.
in 2005 i was living on a small quiet lake 30 miles nw of milwaukee, wi. the lake is called tearney lake. its a small lake that feeds into the much bigger okauchee lake. the house i rented has since been torn down and rebuilt. i think there are around 12 homes that surround the lake all on 1 - 2 acres of land to put the area into perspective. i started fishing 3rd shift during the later part of aug into september. im using sept 1st as an approximate date. when i would return from fishing and walk up the back porch to the second story of the home a big bright star in the nw direction kept getting my attention. it wasn't far away maybe 5 miles or so. it stayed in the same spot just above the tree line 300 yds across the lake from my house. im familiar w the planets so my first thought was its probably venus. i noticed the star for about a week and a half. one night i noticed it again on my way out he door to go fishing. i spent some time looking at it and could make out a variation of different colors. flickering together i saw reds, golds, and silver colors all tightly spun together. still staying in the same spot. when i returned from fishing and walked up the back porch like before the star/orb was still there.
now this started to bug me. why is this shiny multicolored light there every night? at this point im thinking its not a star or a planet. so being wide awake i decided to stand on the porch and watch this thing. its about 3am at this point. im standing on my back porch probably 20 feet above the ground. im elevated and have a clear perspective of the orb we ll call it. this area is dead quiet not a car on the road, no boats on the lake. just the chirps of crickets. very very quiet. so i continue to stare at the orb and put all of my energy into it. i stared at this orb for probably 45 minutes. i was determined to see it move! right at the 45 minute mark or so it did start to move. toward me! bingo its not a planet or a star confirmed. my second feeling was that it might be a helicopter. its slowly moving toward me from around 5 miles away like i said. i have seen lots of helicopters in my day and know some dont make any sound until they are about 1/2 to 1/4 mile away. there are some high tech helicopters you dont hear until they are literally right over you. at the time im aware of all this. so the orb is slowly moving toward me. its about 2 - 3 miles away still no sound. as its getting closer im not blinking much and the light from the orb turns into a beautiful diamond like shape still bright and beaming with white light mostly, but little flickers of red and gold.
now we'll call this the diamond shape light as it gets closer to me. lets say at the 1 mile or so point away from me. the diamond light slowly starts to dim off. the object is moving nw to se as its going to pass me. still no sound nothing. it hasnt gained any speed. starting about 5 miles away slowly moving toward me. all in all it probably took 10 minutes or so to get close. now as it gets closer maybe 500 yds away still no sound. now i start to see faint red lights on it. which begin to get brighter as whatever this is gets closer to me. a quick interjection here. i was and still am a listener of coast to coast am radio w/ the late art bell and george noory so my knowledge of the paranormal is much greater than the average person out there. probably the reason why i was not scared, nervous, intimidated, nothing! im holding my ground and i do feel like my energy was being propelled toward whatever this was and tapped into it. this may have made it move toward me. just a feeling i had at the time and still have. like hey im watching you!!! i still have a feeling that it did not like that. im pretty sure being the only person outside in the whole area and being high up on a porch clear as can be, not moving at all made this object notice me. same as i could see it.
as it gets 100 yards or so from me and probably 75 feet or so above my head i could clearly make out 3 red lights formed in a triangle shape. as it moved right over me i see and say to myself wow its a black triangle! not a single doubt in my mind. i was 100% sober. im not on any medications. no mental health issues. i am 100% certain of what i saw. the strangest part about the whole thing was that the black triangle did not make any sound. no engine noise, no con trail, nothing! it seemed to just move along with not a thing propelling it. it seemed to move like a big magnet moving to another magnet if you ve ever seen that. it was surreal. so thats my story of seeing a black triangle.
i currently live in thailand and have travelled the world with my job for 11 years. 50 plus countries and i have never seen anything like my black triangle sighting. im hoping to experience that again but have a feeling it was a once in a lifetime opportunity! i do feel very lucky to have witnessed a ufo. weather the black triangles are government crafts, beings from other planets or from other dimensions i may never know. with the help of organizations like mufon maybe one day we will know!!! thank you for your time and dedication to the paranormal. i have seen it and i believe it!

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