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Black Triangle Sighting in Rowsell, Iowa on 1973-07-08 21:30:00 - Hovering giant form with 4 rows of 4giant lights so bright it qiickly blinded
Going home from golfing range on rt 20 all traffic on rd stopped suddenly everything turn supper bright to as far as you could see can,t remember if engine from car stalled or i just put it in park had a friend with me and we just looked at each other as to say what the heck could be lighting up the sky so much ,ilooked out my open window and went blind ,light was so bright like flash bulb light only constant ,had to refocused eyesight lookedfurther east of lights and saw their was 4 sets of 4 lights on something hugh ,that covered everything in sight after that i can,t remember how long we stayed in that spot only thin i remember is tell my buddy that we had just seen a giant ufo with super bright lights from that time on he stayed in denile and when ever i brong it up he would just say that it was football lights from a near by school , but their was no near by school next day as i was walking into the house on the tv their was a artist drawing of what witnesses saw .Which was the 4 sets of 4 lights brightly lighting up the whole neighborhood and that between 400 to 500 people had called in to questionabout what it wes strangest thing thing was a new scare i found on my left ankle round and a little smaller than a dime. funny thing about this was how fast the news about this story completely disappeared from the history books not even in any ufo stories with 4 to 5 hundred calls about the lights nothing has ever again been said about this story.

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