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What i saw was a large black triangle back in my childhood. i watched the craft hover over my neighborhood for several minutes, it was around 8 pm at night i was coming home from a friends house. i first heard the object i heard a loud hum or buzzing sound. i live close to a train yard and i thought i was hearing the trains but as i looked up i saw the craft hovering what i believe to be just above treetop level maybe higher. as i observed the craft i noticed 3 white lights on the points or edges of the craft that stayed illuminated as well as a single red light that pulsated (it did not seem random, it was always exact ). the length of the craft i would say is roughly the same as a house (that's what i used as a reference) and hight would be somewhere between 10-15 feet tall. the exterior was hard to make out due to it being dark out. i remember it rotated clockwise very slowly and on one side that had, windows? or perhaps exhaust, or radar. the windows produced bright white light at times and then also a spectrum it was a rainbow of colors (as i looked at this it hurt my eyes and gave me a headache. after a while of rotating clockwise, it stopped and remained stationary before it started rotating counterclockwise and increasing in speed overtime before it either launched away in an eastern direction or it perhaps went invisible (i know it had left because the sound had left) after about 10 minutes i heard two fighter jets fly over the house in an eastern direction. the next night on the news they said that several other people saw a ufo but that the ufo was the good year blimp going to a nearby air show. i do not believe i saw a blimp of any kind that night. this was several years ago and i do not remember the year but i was around 12 and this happened during the summer . i am 20 now and a friend of mine has convienced me to share this . i hope this is helpful.

singed garett olague.

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