10 Disturbing Alien Conspiracies

An alien craft? UFO spotted hurtling above the Earth in the background of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket launch is proof ...

An alien craft? UFO spotted hurtling above the Earth in the background of Elon Musk's SpaceX rocket launch is proof ...

February 9, 2018 - Daily Mail

'I think UFO spotters will have to work harder to find something a lot more convincing.' Jaw-dropping photos of Elon Musk's red Tesla Roadster soaring through space with a dummy behind the wheel left viewers around the world stunned. Even SpaceX

Google Maps mystery: UFO hunters claim this object is an underwater alien base

Google Maps mystery: UFO hunters claim this object is an underwater alien base

February 3, 2018 - Express.co.uk

GOOGLE maps is an informative mapping service that offers satellite images of locations around the globe. But every now and again strange and peculiar sightings are picked up. One photograph of a specific pin point in Antarctica shows a lonely...

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10 Bizarre Alien Conspiracy Theories Listen up truthers, it’s time to take a look at some of the wackiest alien conspiracies out there. So stay tuned for Nazi UFOs, lizard world leaders, and a peculiar theory behind the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. But before all that, let’s get things underway with…

10. ALIEN JESUS For the most part, conspiracy theories focus on the time period between the Roswell incident and the present day. But there has been a recent surge in theories about ancient alien visitors who came to our planet thousands of years ago and changed our culture and history forever. One of these theories suggests that Jesus Christ was actually an alien-human hybrid. It may seem pretty far-fetched, but it could explain pretty much all of Jesus’ miracles. UFOlogist Dr. Barry Downing is one of the many people who believe that Jesus’ ability to walk on water, raise the dead, and even resurrect himself, should be attributed to supernatural alien powers, rather than a divine power.

Most intriguingly, Downing also stresses the importance of Jesus’ own biblical admission - that he is ‘not of this world’ - as proof that the divine is in fact extraterrestrial. Unfortunately for Barry Downing and his followers, there is no proof to verify his claims about Jesus being an alien.

9. THE REPTILIANS Speaking of supernatural alien powers, twelve million US citizens believe that interstellar lizards disguised as people rule the Earth. I’m not even kidding, look it up. The theory, dreamed up by professional conspiracy theorist David Icke, argues that 3.7-meter tall reptilians take on human form to gain political power and manipulate human societies. Oh and they also like to drink blood, come from the Alpha Draconis star system, and are better known as the Anunnaki. For more than 200,000 years they have been allegedly interbreeding with humans to create the elite group who rule over us today.

Icke claims that many of the world leaders are - or are at least possessed by - so-called reptilians, including former president of the United States George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, and the Clintons.

8. SECRET SPACE FLEET Do you remember Gary McKinnon? Well, he was the Scottish systems administrator who the US unsuccessfully tried to extradite after he hacked into the military’s database in search of evidence of UFO activity. And according to his supporters, the reason why he’s undergone such harsh legal treatment is because he accidentally stumbled across a secret space program in US military files called Solar Warden. The story goes that the US is using NASA as a front to maintain a fleet of 8 advanced motherships and 43 scout ships, secretly floating in orbit.

The fleet is apparently jointly led by the United Nations and has many different nationalities making up its crew. It acts as the protector of Earth, defending us from evil local terrorists and interstellar groups. Believers in the Solar Warden program, which was apparently gifted to the USA and UN by an alien organization known as the 'Star Nations,' report seeing craft moving through the sky in a manner beyond the capability of human technology.

7. SHAG HARBOUR UFO As UFO sightings go, Shag Harbour is one of the most widely talked about. On an October evening in 1967 a group of teenagers saw a low-flying object plummet into the waters near Shag Harbour, a small fishing village in Canada. Believing that an aircraft had crashed, witnesses contacted the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Fifteen minutes later, members of the RCMP arrived on the scene. They saw a light bobbing on the surface of the water, which began to drift out to sea and then completely disappeared. There was concern for potential survivors and a full-scale search and rescue effort ensued. But after hours of searching, authorities said they couldn’t find anything in the water. No survivors, bodies or debris.

Flummoxed by the peculiar event, police contacted the Rescue Coordination Center to see if any aircraft were missing, but none were. So just what did crash into Shag Harbour? A military aircraft, or something more otherworldly? It remains a mystery.

6. EINSTEIN KNEW ABOUT ALIENS When Einstein wasn’t busy spending time working out the theory of relativity, he was writing about aliens, apparently. In 1992 a mysterious bundle of documents arrived in the post office box of Californian Timothy Cooper. Shocked by its contents, Cooper passed the papers on to father and son UFO research team Robert and Ryan Wood, who presented what they had found to the Omega Communications UFO conference on 11th October 1998. The documents were leaked from top-secret government files and contained a paper called ‘Relationships with Inhabitants of Celestial Bodies’ about extraterrestrial life, co-authored by Albert Einstein. Dated and signed on June 1947, it addressed concerns about the changes humans need to make in order to live peacefully alongside “Extraterrestrial Biological Entities”. And it talks about the possibility that aliens arrived on Earth in order to monitor our progress.

Many people dismiss Einstein’s paper as nonsense, but as techniques are being developed to scan for intelligent life in new ways, could Einstein be proved right once again?

5. EUROPA MOTHERSHIP While most conspiracy theorists have their telescopes pointed towards Mars, one UFO hunter has his eye on Jupiter and its moons. On the 19th February 2016, Louis Read spotted a bright object lurking about next to Jupiter. He claimed that it was an enormous alien structure moving in the direction of Jupiter’s moon Europa, which resembled an ‘interstellar mothership’ or ‘an intergalactic cruiser’. In a video on YouTube channel ‘SecureTeam10’, Read’s findings were presented by host Tyler Glockner. He claimed that the object is definitely a reflective UFO and could very well be an alien mothership. Commenters on the video were not so sure, though. They argued that the object was most likely Juno, a Nasa spacecraft that was released in August 2011 to help scientists learn more about Jupiter. It went into Jupiter’s orbit in July 2016.

4. THE BLACK KNIGHT SATELLITE According to conspiracy theorists, the Black Knight is an alien satellite that has been orbiting the earth for over 13,000 years.

So the story goes, Nikola Tesla first discovered its existence after he began receiving radio signals in 1899, which he believed came from space. His claims were supported by amateur radio operators in the early 20th Century. In 1960 the object was observed in polar orbit above the Earth, and at this time neither the USA nor Soviet Union had satellites in such orbit. Scottish writer Duncan Lunan claims that the Black Knight is actually a space probe that contains a map to a far away alien planet called Epsilon, and the radio signals were an attempt by those inhabitants to communicate with humans. Interest for the mysterious object peaked once again in 1998 when photos of it were allegedly taken by NASA, but these were quickly dismissed by the US government, who claimed the images were of a thermal blanket lost during a spacewalk.

3. UNDERWATER ALIENS Considering we’ve explored less than 5% of the ocean, much remains to be learned about the mysteries of the deep. In 2014 a strange underwater structure was discovered on the seabed near Malibu, USA. The oval-shaped object had a large flat top and what appeared to be pillars, with an entrance to an inner, darker area. Located 600 meters under the surface of the water, and nearly 5 kilometers wide, few think the structure could be man made. Conspiracy theorists, including the man who discovered the structure, Robert M. Stanley, believe that it’s an indication that aliens are lurking under the sea. Even more bizarrely, as the structure was emitting a strong audio signal, Stanley claims that it is in fact a portal used by aliens to communicate and travel to Earth. Whether you believe there are or aren’t alien life forms in the sea, there’s definitely something fishy going on.

2. MH370 = ALIEN ABDUCTION On March 8th 2014, the baffling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 joined a whole host of eerily mysterious cases of missing planes.

Since then, conspiracy theorists have sought to explain how a massive plane that was guided and tracked by modern technology could inexplicably vanish into thin air. One of the most bizarre theories put forward was one stating that a UFO abducted the plane mid-flight. According to those who believe in this rather wacky theory, claims are supported by the head of the Malaysian air force, Rodzali Daud, who reportedly stated that their radar had picked up the signal of an “unidentified flying object” near the area before the plane went missing.

What’s even scarier is that, according to a survey conducted by CNN, 1 in 10 Americans apparently believe this theory.

1. HITLER ON ICE If there’s one topic conspiracy theorists love talking about, it’s the Nazis. According to UFOlogists, a group of surviving Nazis, including Hitler, escaped to a secret Antarctic lair after the Second World War with the help of advanced UFO technology. After hearing the news, The US mounted a military campaign against them, but they were decisively defeated and forced to retreat. An alternative explanation behind the US expedition to Antarctica in 1946 was to map out the area and deny the Soviets a foothold at the same time. But conspiracy theorists believe that the voyage itself was actually a secret operation to track down a hidden Nazi base, and some of them - especially neo-Nazis - celebrate the alleged Nazi victory over the US.

Furthermore, the believers are eagerly awaiting the day that a fleet of Nazi UFOs will come out of Antarctica and start World War III..

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