Deep Space Nine documentary gets crowdfunding push

Deep Space Nine 25 years later: An oral history of the show that changed Star Trek

Deep Space Nine 25 years later: An oral history of the show that changed Star Trek

January 18, 2018 - SYFY WIRE (blog)

In January 1993, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered and changed the way people thought about the iconic science fiction franchise. For nearly 40 years, the show had its tropes. The Next Generation, the first live-action spin-off of The Original

A binge-watching guide to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Jadzia Dax

A binge-watching guide to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Jadzia Dax

February 5, 2018 - Syfy Wire

Everyone has their Trek. It's the show that introduced them to the Star Trek universe, the one that wormed its way inside their brain and took hold until they were thoroughly and truly hooked. For me, technically, that gateway show is Star Trek: The

Cast of ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine’
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Its lastly time to go deep on Deep Space Nine.

In the Star Trek universe, Deep Space Nine is not always among its brightest stars. Not since the program wasnt as great, long-lived or fascinating as the others (it ran 7 seasons from 1993-1999), however since it differed from any Star Trek home thats come prior to or given that.

Darker, moodier and, possibly, more fixed than the rest, DS9 positioned its team in a spaceport station that never ever moved. It has actually taken pleasure in less recognition and fond memories than the initial series or Star Trek: Next Generation and sits someplace above the brief Enterprise series and simply listed below Voyager on the Star Trek interest scale.

So why make a documentary about a rather forgotten, almost 25-year-old series about a spaceport station, its team (looking, to name a few, Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko, Terry Farrell as Dax and Rene Auberjonois as Odo) and their years-long effort to bring a group of aliens the Bajorans into the Federation?

A huge part of it is Netflix, stated previous DS9 program runner Ira Steven Behr, who is now producing the brand-new documentary on the series tentatively entitled, What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek Deep Space Nine (a nod to the programs last episode, “What You Leave Behind”). And, in an unique twist DS9 fans will like, Behr reassembled the program’s authors to develop a story for exactly what, in another universe, may have been the very first episode in a never-produced season 8.

Behr and his production group are introducing a $145,000 Indiegogo project on Thursday to money the job and, he hopes, assist them finish it for a winter season 2017 release. Adam Nimoy, who produced a caring documentary homage to his daddy , the late Leonard Nimoy (“Spock” from the initial series), is on board to direct.

I do not care exactly what you pitch, it much better impact the characters.

That horizon never ever came, however Behr and his documentary group will meddle a little bit of dream satisfaction. Behr gathered the initial authors and had them create a legendary Season 8, Episode 1, something that will include in some type in the movie and might possibly be a huge draw for the program’s initial fans along with the growing variety of audiences now finding it on Netflix.

The documentary, which theyve been dealing with for nearly 2 years, will likewise include team, fan and cast interviews checking out the views of those who liked the program and Star Trek “perfectionists” who never ever rather got it.

There might not, however, be a great deal of fresh Avery Brooks video footage. His participation will come mainly through existing interviews and movie clips. Behr has real love for the star, however includes, of all individuals I ever dealt with Avery was the most fascinating individual.

Behr thinks Brooks would rather let the work he did promote itself. Nevertheless, Behr stated that part of the factor he chose to do the documentary, Behrs initially, was for Brooks.

For much of the stars, the deal with Deep Space Nine, with its hours of makeup, wasnt simple. Everybody is a lot better now, specifically now thats theres no makeup.

The documentary might likewise assist address the sticking around concern of why series routine Terry Farrell, who played Dax, left all of a sudden at the end of season 6. She was changed by a brand-new Dax character (played by Nicole de Boer).

We speak about it. It was a really psychological interview. Its really made complex. Far more complex than I knew, stated Behr, who cant guarantee that video footage will make it into the last documentary.

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