Do You Believe In Conspiracy Theories?

Yup, Flat-Earthers Think the Falcon Heavy Launch Was a Conspiracy

Yup, Flat-Earthers Think the Falcon Heavy Launch Was a Conspiracy

February 7, 2018 - Live Science

Elon Musk is in on the conspiracy, according to flat-Earthers, who say the shots of a Tesla Roadster in space, above a round Earth, are totally fake.

Like Erdogan, Trump is using conspiracy theory to sabotage democracy: here's what we learn from the Turkish ...

Like Erdogan, Trump is using conspiracy theory to sabotage democracy: here's what we learn from the Turkish ...

February 8, 2018 - Open Democracy

While the Turkish case may not leave us optimistic, I believe that by looking at how Erdogan used conspiracy theory as a political weapon we can learn to be prepared for what is likely to come in American politics. As a gradual erosion of truthful

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Path americans believe in conspiracy theories I love this story region think that study suggests that around 50 percent American subscribe to at least one conspiracy theory this info is coming from NPR’s social science corresponded Shekhar bend and damned if I pronounce that right you guys who deftly NPR people: no I think I think I was closed from NPR’s morning addition let’s look at the findings with that so nineteen percent of Americans believe the US government was behind the 9/11 attack that seems incredibly high to me so the fact that effect a 25 percent believe the recent financial crisis was caused by a smoke a bow on Wall Street bankers who and here’s a good one 11 percent believe the government is mandating the switched to compact fluorescent light bulbs because the white bold make people obedient an easy to control now I will play the rational person here for one second Carl Sagan said extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence that’s generally how I think about these things I although I probably I have no problem with aliens and predator alien for being here in a minute later get arm the nineteen percent on 9/11 seems really high to me where you think alright alright YouTube commenters that probably very well I we do remain yeah I do I believe that numbered or do I think that do they just seem high that that one out of five Americans would would believe that it was that at the time like when you think about it rationally would actually seems low and you think that you know in a in a moment sheer panic and helplessness you know in in times like that but part of our brain you make the love that’s the fear center goes into or it in the brain and analytical overdrive for her and it leads to ask for coming up with these narratives and help us better explain the circumstances would resist so out of the ordinary and so you know so fearful and I think that we’re fence mechanism that in a way in a country where the same people believe what they hear on Fox News nothing surprising I bring to you tho I mean think about conspiracy theories is that I you know a.m.

It’s not like the government is so sure that we can’t ever believe the area but you know they we didn’t put smallpox in blankets and give it to the native americans i mean it’s not like word that the US government is incapable love shenanigans so its not burn the hardest thing to believe that americans are happening in America don’t forget the coalition etiquette with that makes me i mean we do something dies a lot of drugs that are making people you know peace in this country and so you know it corn corn corn growers why there why the government wants makes it is making it difficult for you know Tesla to sell cars because the oil companies are paying them to do it you know so why not then think that maybe the CIA decided to kill John F Kennedy or something i mean you know olexson so let’s talk about the floor of my building cuz I think that was the meeting to 11 percent saying that these new government mandated libeled the light is actually a way of controlling you they had what do you think therefore I like to be a big help for us that lie to my high school and nobody was being controlled so I am NOT buying now on that that that to me seems like a fluoride in the water kind of right you know John Birdsall working as I don’t know the real you any research from a4a I don’t know I mean I i can only you know told you know love my personal experience under fluorescent light have always felt like a little more anxious really are yeah really a babysit look weird they’re not flattering those for us Laura interesting so by peel weird what do you mean by that well i just i you know it’s it’s and the lighting is never good summer you know comfortable you know as a kid I never really liked being under that sort of false life Ronald artificial yet another that we’re going home they’re the there’s also an audible component to a fluorescent light and I don’t yeah I have like a home that no I think says people like tape hiss almost you know it’s got this like really sorta you know subtle effect on your subconscious but out and I’m answer it’s a pretty crazy idea that the government will be trying to clear all that though is that the beauty of conspiracy theories you don’t have to prove any of them so it’s like that which one to believe in something like the alien stuff obviously have no proof I’ve it but it also it also fueled good to think that you’re you know in a Vienna pack up she put your to walk but her idea you’re not being followed up track do you guys have one that you subscribe to a guess maybe the day okay thing for your know it for the CIA I I feel like there’s more the JFK thing then we’re being told that but I don’t know what it is I haven’t done the research with and I saw the oliver stone movie many times I ID again a down we I’m not into conspiracy theories a not no nothing nothin now alright but we know for a fact the bush wanted to invade Iraq the second he entered office and that actually that’s not a concern that their covers that the thing that we know now also that without the kind of thing that makes conspiracy theories believable look at ending a conspiracy theory segment with the fact that is found it

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A Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory: The Illuminati, Ancient Aliens, and Pop Culture

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