Hurricane Irma, Jose, and Katia are on the Moves Over land!

Florida Keys residents trickle back to warning of new crisis

Florida Keys residents trickle back to warning of new crisis

September 16, 2017 - CNN

"So what I'm expecting is going to happen as soon as we're able to open the gates is you're going to see the crisis escalate again," Senterfitt said. For days, evacuees from the Lower and Middle Keys were turned away from a checkpoint state

Forecasters: Hurricane Irma To Regain Category 5 Strength

Forecasters: Hurricane Irma To Regain Category 5 Strength

September 8, 2017 -

(CNN) — Hurricane Irma battered parts of Cuba and the central Bahamas, and forecasters predicted Friday evening the massive storm will strengthen into a Category 5 storm again before it slams into the Florida Keys. Irma, which has sustained winds of

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The damage. As this storm moves through, there are going to be a lot more answer is like that we’re going to be showing you. And worse. Let’s check in with lysette gonzales. I had a question about storm surge, because that is kind of what we were preparing for. Now we’re seeing more rain than we expected, right? .

Right. That is due to the fact that the core of hurricane irma that shifted to the west as we saw the past few days, the cone, the models kept shifting to the west and keeping irma moving more to the west. So those areas that were producely under an extreme risk of dealing with some severe storm surge, now not looking at that severe storm surge.


Line:92% instead could see minor storm surge. Ms. Foreperson dade county and down through the keys, we are going to see the potential for some very dangerous storm surge there as well as now that risk is increasing, and remaining high for the southwest coast of florida, and even up and down the gulf coast of the state and the east coast just north of us.

So here it is. We just received the a.M. Update. . Max sustained winds, 130 miles per hour. That is still the case. It has not weakened. It has maintained strength. It is a massive hurricane, packing a lot of punch and impacting really the entire state of florida.

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In terms of the track, we have our thoughts with everybody living here along the gulf coast of florida, pause we could see a category 4irma either moving just offshore or possibly making another landfall here around either naples or the fort myers area, likely continuing up the coast to tampa potentially as a category 3 later this evening into tonight.

Possibly also bringing some devastating impacts here across parts of the big band- aid and also the panhandle of florida as a category 1 hurricane. Then it’s not until we get into tomorrow evening that we start to see it push away, moving potentially into georgia as a tropical storm, and thereafter alabama or tennessee. Moving to the northwest away from us.

The highest risk for those destructive hurricane force winds, stretching along the gulf coast of florida all the way from the big bend down across tampa, fort myers and naples and marco island, all these areas shaded in the red. Even areas across central florida and orlando could be dealing with some hurricane force winds and down through the keys. They are currently in the eyewall and dealing with hurricane conditions as we speak. That is the most dangerous, most destructive part of the hurricane, is the core. Look for all of these lightning strikes and deep shades of purple.

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That is where we’re seeing the most destructive winds and also the most torrential rainfall here. We’re dealing with that eyewall here across parts of marathon to pine keys, keywest as well. We’re not getting a lot of data from keywest, because the radar there is down. That’s not surprising. That tends to happen because of the sheer power because of these winds, and we’re seeing also that is the case with a lot of our radars and weather sites here across south florida.

I want to widen out the view, and you can see pretty much all of south florida and northward dealing with the northern side of this hurricane, and we’ve only just begun. The weather is only going to get worse from here on out, especially for parts of palm beach county, brow ward, miami dade county. Earlier we had a tornado warning in police for pawnee county.

We could see some more tornado warnings going up. Heads up there. Right now, as we zoom down towards brow ward county, we are dealing with very fast- moving squalls. Now, these rain bands are racing in, around 80 miles per hour. So that’s the reason we’re seeing also that the winds are howling, and many of you are talking about how your shutters are shaking. . Pretty much all of miami da,de county, you can hear the wind in the studio. The wind outside our studios in durel have been howling.

During the break I was listening in. Can be quite scarry. We’re going to ride out the storm together. Down in homestead, we are dealing with heavy squalls as well as across all the keys at this time. Look at this. This is what we were talking about. Not focusing on the cone. This is the reason why.

Because this hurricane is so huge, that this is just the northern part of the hurricaneen compassing the entire state of florida practically. We’re seeing squalls all the way up through central and north florida at this time when we look at the radar. Our biggest threat is going to be that storm surge threat.

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It has gone down. Miami dade county could see storm surge threat. . Now that we are seeing — on the eastern side setting up, leading to training of rain falling on the same areas over and over again. We are under flood warnings as well, watches in place for parts of lake okochobee. Warnings extending across the entire state of florida, now into parts of georgia and south carolina. What about the rainfall potential? When all is said and done, some areas could be seeing anywhere from 6 to 10 inches of rain. But some areas could see 15 to 20 inches of rain. And down through the keys, we could potentially see 25 inches of rain or more.

That rainfall potential is high for naples, fort myers, all these areas along the gulf coast, all the way northward to tampa, even orlando. And as we take a look at our live view from our lauder dale by the sea camera, the camera has been shaking so much at a time, it’ll just suddenly shift off.

And dave warren, he’s in the weather center, he’s going to kind of pan so you can take a look at this rough surf and just how nasty the weather is now. Our hank chester is actually reporting live from here. Can I give a shout out to our entire team of reporters, providing us with information? Hank, he’s been through some of these hurricanes and covering these tropical storms and hurricanes through the years.

We’re very fortunate we have him. To let you know at home what is going on out there. This is justable in to see how powerful hurricane irma is. I’m surprised they’re still standing. But I did hear some of these palm trees have the resilience. You’ll sea the friends coming off. Quite impressive to see how destructive these winds can be. The winds will continue to increase through this evening. It’s going to be an entire event for us. The same tropical storm winds going on. Hurricane force wind gusts.


80 to a hundred per hour gusts will be possible, all.

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St. Marten is half dutch half french. The island is 34 square miles, so small you could fit 35 st. Martens inside rhode island. They have a super famous airport, the princess juliana international airport. It is famous because it sits so close to the beach that when planes fly in and out the wheels on the planes come down so low they practically scrape the sand. It’s supposed to be wild to watch. They had to post a sign on the beach warning people not to get too close. Jet blast can cause severe physical harm. This is what that famous airport used to look like in st. Marten. Today it looks like this. St. Marten’s landmarks including their world famous airport have taken a devastating blow. This is what it looks like inside the airport.

Check-in desks flooded, debris all over the place. Local officials say huge swaths of the island have been leveled. About 80,000 people live on st. Maarten. Most have seen their homes damaged or destroyed. This is what the docks used to look like. Now the docks look like this. This is one of the hotels in st. Maarten in brighter times. It has replicas of famous paintings on the outer walls. This is that same hotel now. You can still see some of the paintings. Nothing else really looks the same. St. Maarten is famous for its beautiful, pristine beaches. The beaches of st. Maarten now look like this. Hurricane irma is expected to make landfall in the main lands u.S. This weekend but it has whipped through the caribbean, killed at least 17 people so far, at least 5 from st. Maarten and people in puerto rico and the u.S.

Virgin islands and in barbuda. Barbuda is next door to st. Maarten, a little larger geographically but fewer people. Fewer than 2,000 people live there overall. This is before hurricane irma hit. This is barbuda today. The prime minister says barbuda is barely habitable. The only airport and hospital were destroyed. There’s no running water and no phone service because the communications tower that you see right there just snapped in half by irma. This was the headline in barbuda’s main newspaper today, destruction unreal, hundreds desperate to get out. Those hundreds of people still left on the island are desperate to get out not only because of what has just happened but also because of what may happen next.


Line:92% hard as it is to believe, another hurricane is heading toward barbuda right now. Hurricane jose is a category 4 and appears to be heading right for barbuda. The red cross sent us this video from the ground in barbuda today. The prime minister is telling people to get out now, to evacuate to antigua, barbuda’s sister island. Together they form a single country but they’re about 40 miles apart. They believe right now that antigua is safely out of jose’s past even in barbuda is not. Volunteers and relief workers have been on the ground today before jose hits, ferrying people off the island with helicopters and boats and trying to get as many people away and over to antigua as they can. Jose is supposed to hit barbuda tomorrow. They’re really seriously running out of time in what is already dire circumstances. Joining us now from anteing ba is michael joseph.

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He was in barbuda yesterday with the team from the red cross. Mr. Joseph, I appreciate your time. I know this is an incredibly difficult time for you. Thank you for being with us. >> always a pleasure. >> can you tell us what you saw when you were on barbuda and can you tell us if antigua is dealing with significant damage. >> I must say that we are very fortunate that the hurricane shifted. Our fortunate turned into being unfortunate for the people because it placed them directly in the path which turned out to be even more damaging. From our assessment when we went in, if you know about barbuda and what you saw, it’s completely destroyed. To be honest with you, I would say 100% of barbuda. Even the buildings that are left, there’s so many other factors. In the words of the prime minister, barbuda, I wouldn’t say barely habitable. I would say completely inhabitable. >> what is the status of the evacuation? Has everybody been taken off the island.

There’s concerns about what’s going to happen if jose comes in tomorrow. >> yes, after the mandatory evacuation all persons would have left barbuda. Again, because there were serious concerns even as the red cross, we share humanitarian concerns where we felt that the people of barbuda, if they remain, a number of fatalities would have increased si


gnificantly more than what we had before. All persons were evacuated from barbuda ahead of hurricane jose. >> in terms of your responsibilities as the president of the red cross in barbuda and antigua, what do you anticipate doing next? Describing that island as not habitable, as being 100% destroyed, how do you approach the relief effort there? Obviously you need to get people out of harm’s way but what are your next steps, what do you plan to do next as on organization? >> well, there are a few different things that we need to do.

So we have now the people that are now in antigua so we have an entirely displaced community now. We’re going to have to work in terms of dealing with their needs locally as they arrive and working with the minister of health and the national office of disaster services identifying what those needs are and then applying the right resources where necessary. But then when we go back to barbuda because of course dealing with the displaced community is only a short term goal.

We’re looking more long term. We’re going to have to look at working with bar bu dans to build proper infrastructure, proper houses, work with the minister of h

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ealth in identifying health issues and bringing health programs. Zika is still very much a concern for the minister of health and for the red cross. These are just some of the things, we’re going to have to rebuild houses, get fishermen back into the sea so we can get the economy turning again.

This is really how we’re going to get barbuda back to the gem that she is. >> michael joseph, president of the red cross in barbuda and antigua, just an incredible task ahead. It’s amazing there wasn’t more a loss of life. Thank you for being with us. Good luck to you, sir, please stay in touch. >> thank you. >>> much more ahead tonight including big news from the spec

urricane Irma is not the only show in town. Two other dangerous and strengthening hurricanes, Jose and Katia, are swirling in the Atlantic Ocean basin.

Jose, following a similar path to Irma in the eastern Atlantic, has grown into an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds. On Saturday, it could strike or at least brush some of the same islands in the northern Lesser Antilles decimated by Irma on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Taking Irma and Jose together, this is the first time on record two storms in the tropical Atlantic Ocean have attained 150 mph winds at the same time.

Meanwhile, the peak winds of Hurricane Katia, centered over the southwest Gulf of Mexico, had reached 100 mph. It made landfall north of Tecolutla, Mexico, as a Category 1 hurricane with winds of 75 mph on Friday night.

“Atlantic currently has 3 Cat. 2+ hurricanes at same time — 2nd time on record this has occurred & first time since 1893,” tweeted Phil Klotzbach, hurricane expert from Colorado State University.

Hurricane Jose

Jose has exceeded all expectations by explosively intensifying into a Category 4 storm — the third straight hurricane in 2017 to do so, following Harvey and Irma. This is the first time on record three straight storms have attained Category 4 or higher status, according to Klotzbach.

A hurricane watch was issued for Antigua, Barbuda, Aguilla, St. Martin and St. Barthelemy — many of the same islands devastated by Irma on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

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