More Protesters Thrown From Multiple Trump Rallies

'People are scared': NFL star Marcedes Lewis defends right to protest

'People are scared': NFL star Marcedes Lewis defends right to protest

September 25, 2017 - CNN

However, a number of fans at Wembley for Sunday's game felt the players were within their rights to protest. Of the six supporters randomly interviewed by , only one backed Trump. "Every American has a right to any opinion they want to hold as long

Judge green-lights feds' request for Trump protesters' data

August 24, 2017 - CNN

() A judge in DC handed federal prosecutors a win Thursday in their ongoing fight over data connected to a website used to organize Inauguration Day protests against the Trump administration. Although web-hosting provider Dreamhost is not required

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>> here we go again, people getting thrown down and horrible things being said at trump rallies, horrible things being done to people at trump rallies. Recently there was a story of a $1000 gala that trump had done in new york, but it was for donors from pennsylvania, a pennsylvania republican group. A couple protesters actually paid the $1000 to go in and protest. They are dressed up for the gala, they paid their money, they get thrown out anyway when they are protesting him. Okay, that is understandable, but how they get thrown out, not so good. Let’s watch. >>[yelling] >>[chanting] >> stop it, stop.

>>what is wrong with you? No, that is not appropriate behavior. >> I know if people are chanting and it is disrupting what is happening, at some point you have to remove them. I get it, and that requires some degree of physicality, I understand that too. Don’t throw them to the ground. Don’t do it. Try to be careful, take your time to be careful. By the way, they were chanting “Trump is trying to bring us down, targeting people black and brown.” again, they paid $1000 to chant that so I think they earned it. Jamila hammami said — >> now, that was fairly recently. Just yesterday it happened again. Now there were a number of people thrown out of the latest trump events, we will show you the video, you can hear some of the terrible things being said in the background, then I will give you exact quotes that the press got when they were there.

>> the first amendment let him get up. >> light the motherfucker on fire. >>there were more people on the ground, eventually he got up and got thrown out, there are videos all over the internet, that was just a sample. Reporters on the scene said, for example — >> so that is where we are. Now another one — >> now of course we have no idea whether he was in fact muslim, very unlikely given that it was a black lives matter protester. Could have been a black muslim. But of course the trump guy doesn’t know either, and he’s like, muslim! So what if he were a muslim? You found a muslim in america, congratulations. What would you like to do? I know what you would like to do. ? Throw the muslim down the well ? Here’s another quote as people are being thrown out of the rally. >>so we are used all this, the sieg heil is a little much, to say the least.

But here comes the worst one — >>there was a period in time when that also happened in this country. Let’s not go back there. We did not say these things, we did not put the words in their mouths. The minute they see protesters, they get in a fury. And there is usually some degree of assault that happens. And by the way, you also see on some of the tapes, and I watched all of the tapes, people get escorted out and it is done right sometimes. They go and they are fine, sometimes they throw people to the ground and they kick them, screaming and punching, we have shown that in the past. A latino guy or a black guy got attacked, now you see these two separate events, all while chanting at one time usa, usa, another time all lives matter as they are kicking the crap out of the guy, and now, light the motherfucker on fire.

Not something you are bound to see at bernie sanders rallies. Other rallies, you would have seen this. That is what these rallies are beginning to look like. It is a dangerous time in the country, trump is not doing anything to stop it. If anything he is stoking those fires..

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