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'Secret war' veterans ask Congress for national cemetery burials

'Secret war' veterans ask Congress for national cemetery burials

January 12, 2018 - NBCNews.com

Jim Costa, center, in front of the Lao Hmong American War Memorial in Fresno County, California. Courtesy of the Lao Veterans of America. “The purpose of the legislation is to provide the appropriate honor to these aging veterans, these soldiers, who

Hmong: Bill Proposes National Cemetery Burial for 'Secret War' Veterans

January 15, 2018 - UNPO

"Sadly, the Laotian and Hmong veterans are increasingly growing older in the United States, and many are passing away in greater numbers each year that passes," Smith wrote in an email. "It would mean so very much to the Hmong and Lao veterans and

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It was a suitable outpouring of grief like this human symphony I'll never forget it it'll be with Pierre to be with me to my grave sound events all i can hear when i look at this picture was just awful in early 2003 photojournalist philip blenkinsop made a tragic discovery in the middle of the jungle stumbling upon the CIA's long abandoned secret army and his eyes on Boone special zone of Laos we will first white faces these people had seen since they were abandoned by the Americans they thought at those days of living in fear and being on the run had finished 12,000 veteran fighters their women and children had been clashing with Lao ish and communist troops for the last 30 years now they won out that all we wanted layoffs is peace not war as far as American manpower in Laos is concerned.

I'm on a combat basis laos is the most intensely bomb country in the history of air war I honestly believe that we're trying to free Peep we came from the sky and destroyed everything they owned everything they loved everything I held dear loss in the 1960s 1974 warfare in the 21st century you want to know how Wars gonna be fought in the rest of the 21st century look back at loud from 1962 1975 the CIA ran a clandestine sideshow to the vietnam war in Laos longcheng.

Aa remote Laotian Valley became the agency's headquarters and the world's busiest airport I was never marked on any map long jan was a very secret base and nobody knew by nobody not only believe Congress knew about it at the time more than 400 flights a day took off from longcheng and a secret war grew into the largest operation in CIA history Oh for nearly 20 years the lao people's democratic republic isolated itself from the outside world after the war all these years the mountainous country kept its secrets Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia due to its strategic location Laos was used as a pawn the strategic games between neighboring states and more recently between world powers more bombs were dropped on the plain of jars in northern Laos than anywhere else on earth before the war some 50,000 people lived here many of them were members of the Hmong people an ethnic he'll try according to ancient local legend these jars were created by a race of giants will use them to brew rice wine for the celebration of an arduous but victorious battle d cabinet the trail of the secret war leads into the sites are born.

specials are inside the zone lies the former CIA air base of long-chain this is our destination we hit now to size the moon the spacers on why the course mrs on because it means like the government have to take care special because they have problems with the unorganized terrorism or rubber detector or and also the government put a lot of armies around many army camp you know i don't know them but i know they both sooo sad petrosky is a well-connected man and will take us into long chain no outsiders have managed to reach the secret base since the end of the war in 1975 we passed the checkpoint unsearched in the area the scars of war are visible everywhere cluster bomb casings are used to support houses.

Eentire villages are built from war scrap Oh so you'll be able 40 years ago Fred branchman came to Las as a humanitarian aid worker today he returns to the place that changed his life forever Todd laoang pagoda when I pulled up to the pagoda i would say i was just a kind of careless adventure no particular goal in life i went into that pagoda i talked to those people in one hour later I was a completely different person than the fellow would enter the piccata and there was a thousands of refugees just living like animals on the floor and I walked up to the first one and we started talking and he mentioned that he'd been bombed.

I wouldn't have even thought to ask him and I remember that I was in complete shock oh my god I never heard of this and I'm living in Laos and I realized that no one else outside of Laos had heard of this there had been secret bombing going on for five years that had killed thousands of people driven whole populations on the ground and no one even knew about it it made name was crazy because I didn't have a moral framework conceptual framework into which this fit yeah you know you read about something like this you know the terrible things up in the world when you're seeing it with your own eyes and its people that you like people that you don't want to see them die there's an element of almost craziness that starts to rise you know this is the only eyewitness account of the massacres the mass murder of civilians that occurred on the plain of jars as a result of the air war without these drawings there would be no record other than of course the testimony of the people.

But it's it's these drawings and the essays they wrote to accompany them that that tells us what it was like to live under an hour what it was like to see her beloved grandmother burned alive before your eyes the stories of the refugees touched a nerve and Bradford and he wanted to learn more about the secret bombing campaign with his la friend none he rode out to this refugee camp almost every day 30 years later the camp is turned into a village and most of the former refugees still live here in omnia you know me you know where the relative of as well yeah awesome buddy Justin young come moving Jojo Chuck Laura I interviewed over 2,000 people in both northern and southern Laos from the plain of jars from the Ho Chi Minh Trail and from other parts every single one told the same story no violence on ham cheated on hajj or melanotan ignore a new among six RCGP know letaba yep I reckon in ciuman caramel pepero arame puno milk around NE pourra what he had yurman fidelis ola but not oh man raanjhanaa busy luna haha man man and insha Allah they were Tom in my hotel holiday no since nineteen sixty-four the official u.s.

Line had been that at the request of the large in government armed u.s. reconnaissance flights are being conducted in fact the US Air Force was dropping bombs every eight minutes when the fighter bombers couldn't reach their targets over Vietnam they dump their bombs on Laos because they couldn't land with bombs on board not anymore be anything fun for me yeah hi you haha tangency alert forum of you m ET quand la de cuanto blonde roux hidden in a coma pooja Kumar Gavin kid en el Tanana cikita haha my god that's it when I wouldn't be there were no unfamiliar resume I thought they might not let Dan who's got my kid birthday ya hear like for Japan your maybe didn't Elka me Tom mega me know did not see you think I got nice a movie in the cave of tamp you the entire population of a village was killed by a missile 473 men women and children perished at the dawn of the 1960's the land of a million elephants in the white parasol as louse called itself was either rich or poor depending on the point of view it was rich in culture with more than 50 different ethnic groups some lived in such isolation that they never even heard of their government and most fat loyalty only to their village or tribe but economically the country was one of the poorest nations in the world louses problem was its geographic location since it neighbored on both communist North Vietnam and China in 1954 Laos was declared neutral yet due to its strategic importance Laos became a microcosm of the cold war between left and right wing ideologies in view of the domino theory the US government designated Laos a buffer state meant to stem the advance of communism that's why the u.s.

Paid 100 percent of the Laotian military budget however in order to justify intervention the u.s. sought to destabilize Laos and supported competing political factions the Parliament was divided into three factions pro-american conservatives and neutralist both supplied with American weapons and their adversaries the Communists pattered Lao who were equipped with Soviet weapons I officially the US State Department supported the neutral as Prime Minister Savannah Puma while the CIA was covertly supplying a conservative general with weapons the result was Civil War in 1960 fighting erupted between conservatives nutri lists and the Pathet Lao the covert strategy of the u.s. seemed to be paying off the security of all Southeast Asia will be in danger if layoffs loses its neutral independence its own safety runs with the safety of us all in Rio neutrality observed by all publicly Kennedy agreed with Khrushchev that Lau's should not become a theater of war in Geneva Laos was declared neutral once again in 1962 a coalition government of all three political parties was formed and the u.s. withdrew its military advisors Kennedy however wasn't playing fair with the help of a falsified map he played up the communist threat marked read the Allied troops of the u.s.


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