‘They Took The Hatred Out Of Me’: How Refugee Neighbors Changed A Man’s Mind About Muslims

'They Took The Hatred Out Of Me': How Refugee Neighbors Changed A Man's Mind About Muslims

'They Took The Hatred Out Of Me': How Refugee Neighbors Changed A Man's Mind About Muslims

February 9, 2017 - Huffington Post

put a pig's head on a mosque.” (Pork-based hate crimes targeting Muslims are common in the U.S., including in Omaha.) And he'd “sneer at” women wearing headscarfs or hijabs, he said to KETV ― even though he had never actually met a Muslim person

Change of heart for Omaha man who 'hated Muslims'

Change of heart for Omaha man who 'hated Muslims'

February 7, 2017 - KETV Omaha

Lutheran Family Services began placing refugee families in his apartment building. A Syrian family moved in across the hall. An Afghan family moved in downstairs. Six Muslim families live in his building. Dutcher is surrounded by the people he hated

I disliked Muslims.

Thats what John Dutcher, a 61-year-old home cleaner in Omaha, Nebraska, just recently confessed in interviews with both The Washington Post and KETV .

He informed the Post that he had actually been among those men who would wish to put a pigs head on a mosque. (Pork-based hate criminal activities targeting Muslims are typical in the United States, consisting of in Omaha.) And hed sneer at ladies using headscarfs of hijabs, he stated to KETV despite the fact that he had never ever in fact satisfied a Muslim individual prior to.

Then 6 households of refugees, consisting of from Syria and Afghanistan, moved into his apartment. They were Muslim.

His previous next-door neighbors had actually been loud, unpleasant drug abuser, and Dutcher discovered living beside the refugee households an unexpected relief.

He found out about their painful stories getting away war-torn nations, and gradually however definitely, his sensations about Islam and Muslims warmed.

The Muslims here were everything about household and they simply liked everybody, Dutcher informed the Post.I keep in mind individuals who lived here prior to; they considered given whatever this nation provided. These individuals, they truly altered my heart.

After 3 months of being here, they all have tasks, they all have automobiles, their kids are going to school, he informed KETV.

The KETV section includes a refugee help employee explaining how valuable Dutcher has actually been to the households and reveals video footage of him having fun with smiling refugee kids.

And in a specifically effective minute, Dutcher explains how his brand-new next-door neighbors have actually altered him.

They took the hatred from me, he states, tears welling up in his eyes. I never ever understood how terribly someone might dislike somebody they do not even understand.


A University of Maryland survey discovered that almost 40 percent of Americans do not have a beneficial view of Muslims; the general public Research Religion Institute identified that 56 percent believe Islam isnt suitable with American worths.

And 26 percent of Americans believe Islam needs to be unlawful in the United States, inning accordance with a 2015 study from Public Policy Polling. Another 21 percent stated they werent sure if the faith, which is the 2nd biggest worldwide, must be prohibited here.

Americans likewise have the tendency to overstate the number of Muslims remain in the United States a misperception, specialists compete, that is owned mainly by Islamophobia . A study launched in December exposed that individuals believe there are 54 million Muslims in America, when in reality there have to do with 3 million.

There are likely a great deal of factors for Americans dim view of Muslims: the intentional spread of false information and conspiracy theories by a multimillion-dollar Islamophobia market; Hollywoods unfavorable representation of Muslims; political leaders turning Muslims into scapegoats ; and the out of proportion news protection of terrorism, which the media frequently specifies solely as an issue of Islam.

But theres likewise proof that Americans hatred of Muslims is stemmed from the basic truth that, like Dutcher, the majority of Americans do not know their Muslim next-door neighbors.

A Pew Research Center study from 2014 discovered that 62 percent of Americans do not personally understand somebody who is Muslim.That exact same study discovered that individuals who did were most likely to have a beneficial view of Muslims usually.

As Dutchers story highlights, its a lot much easier to dislike an individuals you have no idea. And its a lot much easier to support a president who believes Islam dislikes us . Duthcer elected Donald Trump, however is now reconsidering things.

I like him, however I do not like the method hes performed this restriction, he informed the Post about the presidents executive order barring specific refugees and immigrants from going into the United States I didnt believe hed make an oversight so quickly.

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