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PicturePort Talbot, United Kingdom. Credit: Google

A British witness at Port Talbot reported watching a silent, black triangular UFO moving overhead, according to testimony in Case 98200.

The witness and a friend were sitting in a garden on August 19, 2018.

“We noticed what we thought was a plane,” the witness stated, “with a light on each point heading directly towards us at approximately 200-300 feet, but as it got directly above us, we could clearly see this was not a plane or drone. It looked similar to a B-2 stealth bomber but more triangular in shape, flying in a reverse position and flying extremely slowly and dead silent. This took place at 10 p.m. and the camera on my phone hasn’t picked anything up. Another local had seen it a couple miles away from me, and he said he thought it was a drone when he first saw it, but when it got closer, he said it was too big and looked like nothing he had ever seen. There must be more witnesses, he said, as he was stuck in traffic when he noticed it and others stuck in the traffic must have witnessed it. He last saw it heading east over the Bristol Channel.”

British MUFON National Director Jack Turnbull closed this case as Information Only.


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