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This is a crazy recording taken from

I'm going to post several of the ones I found the most interesting but I recommend downloading all of them and listening in a dark room.

This one has it all.

In 1974, Robert Gribble started the National UFO Reporing Center (NUFORC) near Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The NUFORC's 24 hour hotline number was distributed to police, airports and military bases, with a request to refer claimed UFO witnesses to the NUFORC.

Gribble or his associates took hundreds of telephone calls from people who claimed to have seen UFOs. The NUFORC still operates as of March, 2009, now with Peter Davenport as director.

Witnesses range from ordinary citizens to pilots, military personnel, Federal Aviation Administration employees, police and scientists. The UFO cases range from lights in the skies to close-up encounters with flying saucers, cylindrical objects and other aircraft. Other calls include claimed encounters with animal mutilation, large Bigfoot-type beings, amnesia and possible alien abduction cases, or sightings of humanoid UFO occupants. A few calls show how meteors entering the Earth's atmosphere can be mistaken for something more exotic. Reports come from all 50 states, but lean towards the western half of America. Names and other identifying information are redacted, except in cases where claimed UFO witnesses went public with their stories, such as the Travis Walton abduction of 1975.

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