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People are being abducted and returned dead, mutilated or unrecognizable. This is the reason our government doesn't want to interact with aliens as a world. They are too strong, too smart and way more tech saavy. HAHA!

Mesoamerican sculptures are found to intentionally incorporate magnetism!

The Phx Journals show the actual and literal meaning of the bible and UFO connections.

Cleaning out the swamp, NOW! UFOlogy and/or The Entire Paranormal Field are getting worse! These "Vidiots" are THE WORST when it comes to showing us video evidence of the paranormal which is becoming extremely dangerous. Birds as UFOs, a friggin' sun simulator, flat earth, flat Moooon, No Dinosaurs, floating planes, Streetlights as UFOs, Bigfoot and the list goes on and on, seemingly forever. There's a poor description of reality being preached with these Vidiots because to them, Everything is a Conspiracy. The end of the world is coming with the alien invasion following, ready to strike the humans down. Isn't disclosure supposed to happen yesterday? (heavy sigh). It never ends so I took it upon myself to showcase the "Woo Goo" to try to empty the swamp monsters who lie, cheat and steal their way to every media source that will have them. Say Hello To The Bad Guy. You need someone like me to tell it like it is. I say what you are thinking

Host Rich Giordano speaks with hopes of entertaining, informing and teaching you the only reality we all live. What you take away from this show is up to you. Do you lack critical thinking? Rich is here to show you what you may not know, need to know or asked to know. Welcome to GUFON Radio Stream where critical thinking is at an all time high

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