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It’s 11:15 pm on a dark highway in rural Kentucky. Three women are happily singing away the time as they make the 35 mile trip home, after a special dinner celebration at a local eatery. Spotting a “bright red object” in the night sky, the women thought it was an airplane crashing, at first.

But instead of crashing, the strange craft disappeared, only to reappear moments later, directly behind their car. The object followed them at a dangerously close distance, before speeding up and seemingly floated alongside them.
Taking her foot off the gas, the driver was immediately filled with a sense of terror as the car accelerated further, despite their desperate attempts to regain control.

What happened next haunted all 3 women for the rest of their lives, causing severe damage to both their mental and physical health. The following is the true story of one of the most widely publicized and documented cases of alien abduction in modern times.

Thank you for joining us for this installment of the Supernatural Tendencies Podcast.
I’m Christie and I’m Alex and this is episode 27. The Stanford Kentucky Alien Abduction.

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