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Location of Sighting: Portage, Indiana
Date of Sighting: November 13, 2019
Time of Sighting: 1:10 AM & 11:03 PM CST

1:10 AM:
Description: The temperature was 9 degrees Fahrenheit. I observed a lone UFO, a distant tiny white light cluster, above the tree tops to the south in the direction of the Willow Creek Road/ Route 6 intersection. This was the only thing visible in the sky at this time.

11:03 PM:
I was having a hard time going to sleep when I looked out the window and noticed a familiar looking air craft approaching low and slow, from the South. I could see a dim silhouette against the city light glow in the sky.

In addition, I observed the widespread wing tip lights and the unique rectangular head lights on the under side of the fuselage wing root area.These lights are only noticeable when the aircraft is coming directly at you. I have never seen these aircraft head lights anywhere before. I believe this aircraft has been fitted with these lights just for this UFO surveillance mission. This is the same type of RC-26 Military. Surveillance aircraft that has been in the area for over a year now observing the UFO activities. In addition, a few minutes later a second RC-26 appeared following the same flight path!

Unbelievably, a third and a fourth, a few minutes apart, appeared following approximately the same flight path. At this time I did not observe any UFO’s within my field of view.

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