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Case 106561: In the Sea of Japan, off the coast from Tokyo, a UFO was seen by two witnesses who were on night watch (between 12 midnight to 4 AM) aboard a (presumably) US Air Force, ocean-going ship. 1  The UFO (see drawing below) was 40 to 50 feet in diameter and had a height of approximately 20 feet.  There were at least five windows that were emitting a soft-white or smoke-colored glowing light.  It had a coloration of “silver-white-blue.”  According to the report made to MUFON, the UFO came “really close to the ship.“  The UFO then became a USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) entering the ocean at an unspecified speed (!). 2
Then, a second UFO is reported to have appeared and followed the USO into the ocean.  After an unspecified period of time, both UFOs emerged from the ocean.  The first UFO was somehow attached to or held by a “magnetic connection” to the second UFO.  According to the report, one (or both) of the objects emitted a “beam” (tractor beam?).   Both then departed in a straight flight path toward the Moon.
This report was apparently made by a third party.

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