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Researcher and founder of the Exopolitics Great Britain conferences Anthony Beckett looks at studies of UFO phenomena and their correlation with other far stranger phenomena. Shedding some light onto the UFO mystery, Anthony challenges us to ask the difficult questions and in doing so reveals a richer tapestry of possibilities; not only for our comprehension of some of the most enduring of paranormal mysteries, but also for our own human potential.

In the talk "Proto-UFOs, Cosmic Consciousness & Stranger Things" Anthony looks at the dichotomy inherent within the UFO phenomenon and the challenges it places on its study. On one hand, we have the scientific data that demonstrates without a shadow of a doubt the physical reality of UFO phenomena; their physical, temporal and spatial characteristics. Then, on the other hand, we have the human UFO experience itself; a comprehensive study of which will lead any investigator to recognise that the challenge that we face with this phenomenon is our very notion consciousness itself. Somewhere between these two edifices lies the reality of a phenomenon whose influence has been so pervasive as to be rendered nearly invisible; yet it reaches every human being in its influence on human culture - and it does so regardless of the true nature of that reality.

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