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In today's video, I try to reach out to people who had alien encounters.
I'm also a witness to the UFO ORBs phenomenon and I talk about my experience with UFO. There are many abduction cases that are not on the record and I hope that in this video I can reach people who perhaps would like to share some of these extraordinary encounters with Blog Tornado.
However, a lot of these alien encounters stay inside people who don't want to talk about it. Some had extremely negative experiences with UFOs and it is not an easy thing to talk about especially if the experience was psychically painful. How ever some people don't necessarily have a bad experience with extraterrestrial beings and they don't mind to tell their story. I hope that someone might come forward with his story that way the rest of us know what really is going on. This channel is dedicated to anyone who had some sort of experience with extraterrestrials or UFOs. If you would like to share your story please feel free to live it in the comment below that would be more then appreciated. Thank you!

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