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Ice Cube Projectiles Could Be Intruments for Starting War – 1955
Ice Cube Projectiles Could Be Intruments for Starting War - Mirror News 9-13-1955

     A well-known meteoriticist declared today that a "shrewd opponent" could wage war against this country with intercontinental projectiles made of ice.
By Mirror News

The object of the ice missile would be to determine effectiveness of range for a missile of the more deadly variety.

Dr. Lincoln La Paz, director of the University of New Mexico's Institute of Meteoritics, said an ice projectile could be shot from a plane at high altitude many miles from the United States. Moving at sufficiently high speed, it would appear from the ground much like a meteor or a shooting star.

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UFO Stalker
UFO Sighting in Phoenix, Oregon on 2018-09-27 21:30:00 - Extremely fast moving light in sky.
I was in the car, passenger seat, driving on or-99 s/pacific hwy w heading towards the town of newberg. out of nowhere, we saw this extremely fast shooting object that was bright pink (little bit of purple) in color. it was only in the air for a few, 5 or so seconds, before it just vanished. i went through the possibility that it was a reflection of some kind, but there was nothing around to even form a reflection (the segment of road is pretty dark, nature/farm land). my next thought was shooting star, but it was too big, to fast, to bright, it was pink, and it just disappeared! it shot in the sky in a straight line. i was really stunned when i first saw it, it was about 15 seconds before i asked my mom what that was in the sky. she then admitted to seeing it too. lost sight because it just vanished.

UFO Sighting in Sherwood, Oregon on 2018-09-27 21:30:00 - Just a bright pink light moving laterally fast
I was in the car. saw a bright pink light above tree tops, moving laterally, very fast.

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