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PictureWitness illustration from Case 84301, June 9, 2017, over Fishers, Indiana. Credit: MUFON.

by Roger Marsh

​Indiana UFO witnesses reported multiple disc, triangle and cylinder-shaped objects flying low over the state in 2017, according to UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition, based on the best reports for further study from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

Indiana witnesses reported 111 UFO cases to MUFON in 2017. From that group, 90 cases occurred within 2017. From the 2017 cases, 51 were closed by field investigators as Unknown Aerial Vehicles, Unknown Others or as Information Only - the three case criteria used for the book, released July 11, 2018.

Seven cases were selected for the book as best cases for further research. 

An Indiana witness at Kouts reported watching a silent, disc-shaped object just 50 feet above the tree line, according to testimony in Case 81407.

The witness was outside walking a dog at 5:10 a.m. on January 8, 2017.
“It was around 5 in the morning with a clear, dark sky,” the witness stated. “When I was on my way to my house, I noticed a very bright light moving above the trees in the forest. It was around 50 feet above the trees moving from north to south.”

The witness described the object.

“It was a circular object around 10 feet in diameter. As it moved over the trees, it did not light up the woods underneath the light. As it approached the road, the object and light just disappeared. It made no sound.”

Indiana MUFON State Director Phil Leech Jr. investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown.

PictureWitness illustration from Case 85208, July 18, 2017, Hamblen Township, Indiana.

“The object hovered in place for around one minute and then began to come out of the wood line heading towards a cornfield,” Leech stated in his report. “Witness describes the object reacting as if it had seen him, with the result being the bright, white light ‘just shut off.’ The witness advised that the event did not cause his K-9 to react in anyway. No time loss, due to the witness being on somewhat of a timeline to walk the dog before work. The witness did describe the morning as being ‘eerie’ which somewhat concerned him during and before the walk. Of special note: The witness did describe the white light as not shining on the trees or landscape, just illuminating the object itself.”

Kouts is a town in Pleasant Township, Porter County, Indiana. The population was 1,879 at the 2010 census.

An Indiana witness at Fishers reported watching a triangle UFO moving at the tree top level, according to testimony in Case 84301.
The event occurred at 10:25 p.m. on June 9, 2017.

“It was hovering at a distance,” the witness stated. “Flashing multi lights observed using binoculars. Then moved upward as it grew larger heading gradually westward. Stopped in the air. Changed light pattern and proceeded to fly southeast as it lost altitude. Speed picked up. Proceeded over my house and continued southeast until out of sight. Made a hushed jet sound (much diminished from a jet plane at that altitude).”

The witness described the object’s lighting.

“As it went over my house it had two whitish lights on its forward edges. A center red light. Each white light had an additional strobe. The shape was triangular. No tail. No other lights. Very dark color that was somewhat illuminated by reflected ground light.”

MUFON Indiana CAG Investigator Phil Leech Jr. closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“Witness frequently observes Unknown objects,” Leech wrote in his report. “On this occasion he witnessed a triangular object in the distance. As it got closer he observed it using binoculars, advising it grew larger in size as it approached his location. Changing light patterns, it went directly over his residence.

“He thought the triangular object had the ability to change shape as it moved, stating that it would go into ‘airplane mode’ as it was moving, something he has seen numerous times before with other unknown objects. The witness also stated that the object made a low jetliner noise as it went over his residence. He thinks the object is producing this sound to trick anyone observing it to think it is an aircraft, as seen commonly in the area.”

Fishers is a city in Fall Creek and Delaware townships, Hamilton County, Indiana, population 90,127.

An Indiana witness at Hamblen Township reported watching “three towers of light” move above the horizon and then descend again, according to testimony in Case 85208.

The witness and three friends were swimming in Sweetwater Lake at 9:15 p.m. on July 18, 2017.

“We all noticed two towers with one light rising above the horizon,” the witness stated. “Over the course of a number of minutes, more lights were turned on and a third tower rose making a grid-like pattern of three towers with three lights each.”

These towers “brightly illuminated” the sky for a short number of minutes.

“After illuminating the sky there was a trail of mist or steam left in the sky and all three towers of lights disappeared beyond the horizon. Shortly after, the middle tower rose back up, with only the top light on, and once again disappeared shortly after. Initially, the four of us believed the lights to be fireworks, but then did not act at all like conventional fireworks. It should also be noted that there was very little or no sound associated with the event.”

Indiana MUFON Field Investigator Walter Heller closed this case as an Unknown – Other.

“There were no reports on other UFO reporting sites, no local area newspaper reports, or good numbers to contact the base. The base did recently get a simulated village for counter terrorism training. The base is very large (estimated 3 by 10 miles) but is also remote and mostly forest. That evening there was a lot of summer haze.

“The witness said the lighted towers were coming from the tree line and seemed to be 30-degrees high in line of sight. Using tangent 30 degrees equals x height over ground distance solves to be 1,732 feet high at a distance of three miles. That is very big and there are no power plant smoke stacks that high anywhere.

“There is no plausible realistic explanation for this sort of appearance except if generated by holographic projection, and that seems at the least highly unlikely. Witness was preparing to go to Purdue University and struck me as sober, interested, responsible and highly creditable in seeking answers. The only case found in CMS was 30386 in 2010 at Kelly AFB which at the time was an inactive base going over to civilian use in San Antonio, TX, and close to Lackland which is still active. This is a definite Unknown – Other.”

Hamblen Township is one of four townships in Brown County, Indiana, population 4,336.

An Indiana witness at Macy reported a low flying, cylinder-shaped object moved very close to her vehicle, according to testimony in Case 85780.

The witness was driving at 10:45 p.m. on August 5, 2017.

“I continued to drive but lost sight of them because of homes and trees,” the witness stated. “Once there was an opening, I noticed them closer to me. One of the lights came very close to me. It came so close that it was directly above me to the left. I could look out my window and see up underneath it. The outer surface was not visible but what I did see was what appeared to be some sort of cylinder shape (tube) item shooting off a flame.”

The witness said she could only compare it to a flare.

“But there were no sparks coming from this item. It was giving off a flame that was a reddish-orange color. The flame was smooth and flowed like a fountain. It did not react as a flare would. The lights did not shoot straight up in the sky, giving off sparks and then falling back down. These items traveled horizontally but they were way above the tree line up in the sky. As the light came near me, I was trying to pull over on the road and tried to get my phone all at the same time to take a picture.”

Indiana MUFON former State Director Stewart I. Hill and State Director Jeremy Efroymson closed this case as an Unknown – Other.
Local airport, military base, space launch, MOA:  No airports or military bases or space launch facilities are located in the area of the state of this event. There are airports in the area and a military base a distance south. But these have always been there and have no activities that would affect the activity described in this report. This information has been determined in the past years as we have had numerous sightings and UFO events in this area.

“The images are actually good for a cell phone under the conditions and the excitement of the witness. Witness sincerity gives creditability to these photos. The photos themselves are typical for OBOLs showing typical pixel washout when digital matrix is blown up.”
Macy is a town in Allen Township, Miami County, Indiana, population 209.

An Indiana witness at Marion reported watching a silver, disc-shaped object hovering in place, according to testimony in Case 86057.
The event occurred at 4 p.m. on August 19, 2017.

The UFO report came through the local police department. The witness called 911 to report a silver, disc-shaped object hovering over the P.A.L. Club (Police Athletic League) located in the city limits, northeast, Marion. Two investigators were sent to the area.

Indiana MUFON State Director Jeremy Efroymson and Field Investigator Dan Gadberry closed this case as Information Only.

On August 19, then State Director Phil Leech Jr. and Gadberry checked the area. “The local police department was called by a male witness who advised he had witnessed a silver UFO hovering over the P.A.L. Club,” Efroymson and Gadberry stated in their report. “An officer was dispatched to the area. No witness was located. Officer cleared the scene with no report.

“Leech contacted the Marion Police Department and spoke with the dispatcher who took the call. She advised she thought the witness was credible during the 911 call, advising the male started the conversation stating he wasn't crazy or high.

“Upon arrival no one was in the area of the park area. Both investigators did speak to the neighbor to the east of the event location. Her and her husband had been on their back porch for an extended period of time. They did not see any UFO. They did see the officer in the area. They advised there was a silver S.U.V. parked at the north end of the ball field with two adults walking in the area.

“Both advised they did not see any drones in the area. Their porch faces the event area on an incline providing a good line of sight of the ball diamonds, however, they would have trouble viewing anything at any high altitude due to the porch having a roof over it.

“Wind speed 0 mph, barometer 22.99 and rising. Humidity 63 percent. Totally clear skies. Viability 20 miles. Temp 72.

“Gadberry spoke with several people in the neighboring area and no one else had anything to add to this case. No other calls were made to 911 or any other agency the night of the sighting or anytime soon thereafter.”

Marion is a city in Grant County, Indiana, population 29,948.

An Indiana witness at Marion reported watching “a hovering light taking off at a fast pace,” according to testimony in Case 87903.
The witness was driving westbound along 38th Street at 6:45 p.m. on November 8, 2017.

“After crossing the bridge, I saw a small light hovering above the National Cemetery area,” the witness stated. “It was dark out. Being the eve of Veterans Day, I figured it was someone just taking a picture of the lights on each of the headstones in the cemetery. As I got closer, I noticed it was not a helicopter and there was no sound in the area. About the time I made it to the train tracks, it took off at a fast pace heading north-northeast. Its take-off speed was between two-to-four times faster than I was driving. As it flew over, I could not make out any shapes or shadows, just the single, solid white light.”

The witness coasted to the side of the road and tried to see where it was going.

“I lost sight after it passed the tree line to the northeast. There was no second or third lights you normally would see on a small engine plane that are red and green. There was no sound. There were no other cars in the area while driving. Street lighting is to a bear minimal in that area ruling out light refraction. Though it was dark out, it could have not been more than 500 feet off the ground. (Maybe three to four tree lengths in the air.) The map included shows locations and paths. Red is the object in question. Purple is me traveling in car. The next drawing is of the light hovering just past the fence line above the stones.”

Indiana MUFON CAG Investigator Philip Leech and Field Investigator Dan Gadberry closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“Object was penny size, displaying a single white, steady light,” Leech and Gadberry stated in their report. “No noise or emission. Object was hovering in place and then accelerated at a fast speed to approximately 70 mph. Other than the light being emitted, there was no shape noticed by the witness. When the object was first noticed, the witness was traveling westbound with the object being located to the southwest of his location. The object then traveled to the north-northeast from its original location. The witness states the object was approximately 500 feet above the Veterans Hospital property at the far east end.

“The Veterans Hospital is a large facility located in the southeast corner of the city limits. Includes a working railroad track running south to north on the far east end of the property and a river further east under a quarter-mile from the railroad tracks. 

“The object did not display normal drone light arrays. With the witness close to the event area, pulled over to observe the object, he advised no sound was being produced from the object as it passed in front of his location. Witness advised no missing time or electronic issues during or after event.

“The event area is within three-quarters of a mile of other historic reports made to MUFON including missing time events and close encounters that span over many years. This was not a conventional air craft. The possibility exists it was a drone but did not produce the normal light patterns or noise associated with a drone.”

Marion is a city in Grant County, Indiana, population 29,948.

An Indiana witness at Indianapolis reported watching two red objects hovering in the sky, according to testimony in Case 89159.
The witness was on the telephone at 7:30 p.m. on December 28, 2017.

“I noticed two red lights in the north sky,” the witness stated. “We were just talking on the phone about UFOs with my sister. I went to the back door and there they were – two red lights. There was one higher in the north sky than the other one. They sat there in a stationary position for a couple of minutes and then the one on the bottom moved up within very close distance – I’d say within feet – of the other red object. They stayed very close together for several minutes and then ascended into the sky. I do not know if they disappeared instantly or whether they would have gone up into a cloud cover. But they went up together.”

MUFON CAG Investigator Phil Leech Jr. closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“Witness was clear on event details, stating his military background assisted him in detail observation,” Leech stated in his report. “Witness did look on local social media for any other witnesses to the event. Witness also contacted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department with no results. On many occasions the witness has observed civilian aircraft using a flight path located near his residence. During the interview the witness was very familiar concerning ufology and other related subjects. The witness repeated his original event statement, adding he was unsure if the objects merged into one object or the object moved behind the other object from his observation position. Once the objects merged into one object it ascended slowly until it disappeared. Once the merged object started its movement upwards he observed it for another 3 – 4 seconds.     
“Witness was precise and a credible witness with some training in observation and event details. The witness’s description of the event during the interview rules out a natural conclusion. There is a remote possibility the objects observed have a military explanation. Weather conditions play a role in determining this disposition. Weather during this event was extremely cold with wind and heavy cloud cover. Because of the objects merging together, along with reported movements during the event, a drone possibility is ruled out. Submitted video is inconclusive. Balloon or Chinese lantern is unlikely due to weather conditions along with objects merging and ascending.”
Indianapolis is the capital and most populous city of Indiana, population 863,002.

Read more features about UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition. 

UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition is available at and includes 241 best cases for further research from MUFON’s 2017 database, and a four-part Research Index that covers location, object, site and witness.

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