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Intermission: 5 Questions To Understand + Overcome Guilt
| The Spiritual Alien Podcast

Tune in to listen to Zion Zeta share 5 questions to understand + overcome guilt, the type of guilt that comes out of simply wanting to take care of yourself but the whole world seems to get pissed off at you for it, as well as a short story time with a rant regarding this very same topic.

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šŸŽ¤ Aired: 2/29/20

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Iā€™m Zion Zeta, the host behind The Spiritual Alien Podcast šŸ‘½ a podcast for starseeds āœØ and lightworkers āš”ļø looking for inspiration and guidance on topics relating to spirituality, lifestyle and self-development, and ET phenomena. Get ready to see my face from time to time in videos unrelated to the podcast!

Topics covered include alien contact with your galactic family and hybrid children, astral traveling and dreams, divination and channeling, chakras and meditation, working with crystals, energetic updates, psychic protection and vampires, narcissists in the spiritual community, and many more topics in regards to the paranormal, spirituality, new age, lifestyle and self-development, and much more!


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