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Local Man Claims He Saw Spacemen - Virgian News (Waynesboro, Virginia) 1-23-1965


     According to the report, three beings debarked from the smaller ship and approached to within 12 yards of him. He said he froze, a doubled-edged axe in his hand.

By Virginian News

The beings were from 35 to 37 inches tall, in his estimation. They were shaped very much like humans, except that one had very long fingers. In addition, the witness remarked about the beings' eyes.

"They seemed to look through you", he said.

He said they uttered sounds which were unintelligible to him, then turned around and walked back to the craft from which they had emerged. A door opened, according to the report, and the three entered. The door closed and the opening "seemed to mold itself to the ship" – there was no evidence of a door after it had closed.

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