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A Michigan couple reported seeing a brilliant silver craft moving slowly and saw an entity watching them from the craft, according to testimony in CMS case 99097.

The event occurred when the couple were camping at Manistee National Forest in late May 1979.

On a sunny morning in late May of 1979, Charles and his wife, Deborah, took a walk near their campsite outside of Bitely, Michigan, deep within the Manistee National Forest. Manistee is a half million acres of protected wilderness on the western side of Michigan’s lower peninsula. It’s a popular place for people to take a break from urban life, and big enough that campers can enjoy solitude in nature. Charles described the forest around the campsite as they walked: “It was quiet, it was beautiful, the sky was completely blue.”

This was a notable contrast to the previous night, when Charles sat by the campfire and heard something walking through the trees just out of sight. He assumed it was a fellow camper, until he heard the scream.


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