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PictureEatonville, Washington. Credit: Google

A Washington witness at Eatonville reported watching two Chinook helicopters apparently “escorting” three orange orbs in a tight formation, according to testimony in Case 94482.

The event occurred at 11:05 p.m. on August 27, 2018.

“I heard two helicopters flying over Eatonville and it sounded very low,” the witness stated. “But this sounded really loud and it shook the house. I ran outside and saw two Chinook helicopters in a staggered formation with an orange orb flying side-by-side with the first helicopter. The second helicopter was very close behind and it had the second orb between the first and second helicopter. The third orb was flying next to the second helicopter. They were all flying in a tight formation. As they flew over me, I could see the helicopter navigation strobe light flash and that’s when I saw the shape of the helicopter and I knew I was looking at a Chinook helicopter. I could see the blades rotating. The orbs looked reddish-orange in color and were a solid color. They flew over me and I watched them heading west until they disappeared. It looked as if the helicopters were escorting the orbs.”

Washington MUFON State Section Director Allen Thompson closed this case as an Unknown-Other.


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