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by Sue Gerberding
Director, International Case Review Team

This is a report about some unusual cases the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) received from witnesses in Argentina. During the summer and early fall months of 2017, there were more than 20 sighting reports filed with MUFON, mostly from the southern parts of Argentina. These reports came from the province of Santa Cruz, and more specifically, from Patagonia. The first few reports I reviewed did not seem to make sense. They were not UFO sightings, for the most part. The reports were primarily about sightings of white helicopters and white 4x4s, SUVs. Whether or not a UFO was reported, the narrative in these submissions talked constantly of something about which everyone seemed upset. If there was a UFO sighting, witnesses also observed a white helicopter or white vehicles. And the sign in the photo above was on the sides of all the vehicles. Reading the narratives of the Argentinian witnesses, it did not take long to realize that they were not afraid or upset by UFOs. They were upset about the men in white, the men and women in the white helicopters and vehicles.
But what was the problem? It was not immediately clear. The first narrative I read was from a woman named Maria (88798). Her case was listed as a CE3.3 entity case, so it caught my attention. Turns out she had submitted an old family story about her grandfather seeing an entity in 1904. I closed the case as “Info Only,” and wrote her a thank you email for submitting her report. Maria’s response is not what I expected:
I sent data at the time to [the national director] of MUFON, but he did not answer me. Over the months they contacted me in Argentina Patagonia researchers with whom we conduct field visits and tests we subjected us to a different kind. We reviewed with them                 old documents and family photographs, and we attended its recovery and digitization; we signed with them a management contract and confidentiality. They ran with all costs and they now have documents and original photographs… we were told they are going to compare them with other research in the area, and includes everything in your database. They are holders of Quantum Labs, South Integrated Technologies Labs, Global JWRed Systems, IRIS Global Initiative, LINE Earth Global Observation Network, Patagonia Exa3 Global and other organizations…its owner is Dr. Sc Javier Walter Sofia ….
Well, this raised a hundred questions. What is the name of the group this Dr. Sofia is in charge of? Who is paying costs to get all the UFO information from the witnesses in Patagonia, even if they have submitted reports to MUFON? I started to research some of the companies in the narrative above. I could not find out ownership information about several of them. One of the companies, Global JWRed Systems, I initially thought was Johnny Walker Red Scotch, whose parent company is Diageo. Turned out later that this was incorrect. I really wasn’t finding much about these company names. Another question that kept coming up for MUFON: where was its National Director for Argentina? CMS shows he stopped completing cases about the same time as these cases.
For the moment I put this case aside, knowing too many pieces to the puzzle were still missing. The search began for any other case that reported these white helicopters and vehicles. The oldest case I found mentioning such was from April of 2017, submitted by a woman named Stella, a CE5.3 case with a sighting of a circular object (83053). Turns out Stella hadn’t had her own UFO sighting either, but felt obligated to report a story from Rio Gallegos to us. The story is about a family that apparently observed a white orb. Here is her narrative translated from Spanish:

Family films an object on Route 3, strange things happen about Río Gallegos in 7 days. By information received from official officials of Santa Cruz … who say that the government does not have the resources or the capacity to investigate this kind of mysteries, it was learned this week that several complaints had been made. The most prominent one involves a family from the city of C.L. Piedra Buena that traveled by Route 3 to the North on March 25 when about 20 Km from Río Gallegos … in front with a bright object that at low altitude was crossing the route from South to North around 7 o’clock in the morning, his vehicle experienced failures and stopped him on the shoulder, the object flew over the car for 20 minutes during which his occupants were able to film him, time in which one of them suffered burns in the skin nd descending more the object occurred electrical faults and cell phones. When they arrived in their city, a video was posted on a social website but the next day both the video and the web profile were closed; it was learned that the family had been visited by investigators who took charge of the study of what happened, and those who let them know that the area was traveled by helicopter without finding traces of the object. Already in the first week of April, several inhabitants of the western area of ​​Río Gallegos reported several events that occurred between the night of the 1st day and the early morning of           day 2, related to the firing of vehicle alarms … of house alarms, strange behavior of domestic Pets … and a couple of cases in which a shadow was denounced in the sky and in another a light moving at low altitude at the time of these events. On the same day a couple who were in their vehicle on the outskirts of the city reported the possible fall of a small meteorite        south of Río Gallegos. Several government employees denied knowing these facts, although others claim to have heard about these cases, confirming them from anonymity.
Again, I closed this case “Info Only,” and sent the customary thank you email to Stella. I received yet another puzzling response. Stella wrote back,
Thanks for your concern, that happened in 2017 … In the Winter of 2017, he contacted me, Dr. Javier Walter Sofia, he lives in Rio Gallegos, and has together with other people an organization which studies these things in Patagonia and other faraway places … In December 2017, my husband, my eldest son and I traveled to the South to do a reconstruction of the event. We did several studies, and tests, and signed some papers that now I have not at hand, some very serious people. They did not ask a for money, nor commitments of any kind, but asked us to reserve the case. He spoke well of MUFON, although when I asked him he replied, that it was possible that MUFON’s headquarters in Argentina would not investigate the case.
Yet another query – who is this Dr. Sofia who keeps showing up and handling MUFON’s cases? An Internet search for him in the Santa Cruz area wasn’t very fruitful. I could not find him associated with any group, nor with the supposed “school” he runs in downtown Rio Gallegos. What I did find is that he has a passion for posting comments on many political or controversial articles appearing in the local online newspapers. He also has a passion for putting people down, and holding himself in the highest esteem above the locals. It was beginning to sound as if he were not a lowly professor, but more likely tied to big money. I read on in CMS, finding more and more cases that were not really cases, but parts of the saga of Patagonia.
On September 5, 2017, a new submission in CMS began with the short description in the report stating, “Two white helicopters and a white drone in Patagonia.” This case (86524) was submitted by Ema. She and her husband are professionals, and have worked in the oil and mining business, and for governments as well. Once again, I was waiting for her to talk about the UFO sighting she had. It never came. Rather, she told yet another story of hush and control out of Patagonia. This is part of her narrative, translated:
We live in Puerto San Julián, my husband works in mining and oil field operations; On 9/1/17 we left the house with a friend of the family at 3 AM on the RN 3 to the north, we made 107 km to the junction of RP 75 that goes northwest and we took this route, we did it for about 110 km until we reached the junction with RP 12 after going through the true Patagonian desert in one of the most arid and desolate areas of the province of Santa Cruz … We continue to the north for RP 12 about 60 km to a curve called “Laguna Redonda” in which there is a road that goes west and passes through an abandoned ranch, climbs a steep hill with the truck and reaches a lagoon about 500 meters in diameter up on the plateau, there we stayed for lunch … Always we take all our cameras and devices because we know that in the depths of Patagonia it is always a pleasure to take pictures of the landscape, the animals and the hidden places to which almost nobody comes because of their isolation … As at 10:38 AM we heard the north still on the plateau, the noise of a distant helicopter, after a few minutes stronger and then a little more and we saw in the height maybe 1 km away and at 45º in the sky a totally white helicopter that moved from east to west as if in a big circle, behind him another one that went a little lower and followed it at a good distance. The two helicopters were white, very stylized and something that caught our attention was that they did not have skates or      wheels but all we could see was the fuselage below, we were looking and they looked a lot like the Bell 525 helicopters but they had domes, antennas and other things that do not coincide … None of the 2 helicopters had signs or marks, nor numbers, nothing, they were totally white even the windows looked that color… with the binoculars saw another aircraft a little higher and farther behind the helicopters, maybe as 60º in the sky and about 2 or 3 Km; this was a plane with very thin and very long wings, we were looking for what could be and we are sure that it was equal to the Global Hawk, it was also totally white, unmarked and had the fins on the back in V exactly, just like the bulging trunk for above     and the motor as rectangular above and behind… We continued on RP 12 to the north and it took us 2 hours to do the 15 km until we reached the Sierra Blancas because we stopped a lot of times to see if we could see the aircraft again; in fact, we saw them again 2 times more … On 02/9/17 at night when we got home, we called a specialist in these strange topics from the city of Río Gallegos who recommended not downloading the images to the     computer and keeping the memory cards separately from the equipment He told us that he would send a collaborator to look for the cards and that he would arrive at dawn … This happened around 01:00 AM on 04/9/17 when several people arrived and we delivered  the cards to analyze the images after signing an intellectual property document of the content. They asked us not to use the equipment and put it inside some bags like red cellophane with a valve that sealed them to the vacuum after removing the batteries and left them at home in a container like a photographer’s bag. We asked him if we could publish what we saw here and they told us it was our choice and we are doing that because we knew that something happened with an oil worker who saw lights at night about 10 days ago in an oil well, and if this is related?
Ema’s narrative above does not report a UFO. She reports that she took photos of two unmarked white helicopters and a white drone. Perhaps the specialist she consults at home is Dr. Sofia? Who then confiscates the memory cards from the cameras? And she is telling MUFON this account because she is worried that an oil worker in the area had something unfortunate happen? I sent an email to Ema, but did not receive a response.
The pressing question soon became:  Why are all these fearful stories, many of which are not apparently related to UFOs, being reported to MUFON? And the National Director, is he still in the picture? These people in Patagonia all seem very afraid, but of whom, or what?
Just nine days later after Ema’s report, a witness named Daniel submitted a sighting report (86677).
Having heard about recent local UFO stories, Daniel drove south through Santa Cruz (Puerto San Julian) in hopes of seeing something. Daniel observed two white helicopters coming from the sea on September 17, 2017. He described them as totally white helicopters, without marks or numbers, with antennas and turrets that went down. The windows were also white. As the two helicopters came closer to the witness, he and another person tried to take video, but the cameras failed and “went out.” When he turned on the camera again, it gave an error message. Daniel stated that as soon as the helicopters left the area, both cameras went back to normal operation. He submitted this photo as an example of the helicopters they observed, except all white as described above.
Daniel’s sighting submission was yet another report from Argentina without a UFO sighting but describing white helicopters or vehicles. What is on the minds of these people?
On September 17, 2019, a witness named Arturo (CMS #86741) was traveling through the province of Santa Cruz toward Tres Lagos. Along the way he saw a “light,” followed by a white helicopter. But the only information he offered about the light was that it was 31-100 feet in size, white, and moved in a straight-line path. He specifically stated it did not glow, eliminating orbs and many UFOs as possible stimuli for his sighting. The investigation of his case concluded that, because he saw both the object and the helicopter from a mile away, in all probability he was likely to have observed two white helicopters. By his own admission, it was a sunny day, and may reports of UFOs are simply sunlight reflections on moving aircraft. But this was, significantly, the first report of white helicopters and white vehicles currently submitted associating them with UFO activity.
A witness named Marco submitted a sighting report (86829) for an event he experienced on 09/21/2017. Marco and three other witnesses observed an entity and a white helicopter, south of Punta Loyola. A translation of his narrative:
With the sightings during 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the area of ​​Punta Loyola, I asked a scientist from Río Gallegos for help, who advised me on equipment and methods to observe unusual phenomena in the area where I work. Today 21/9 a comrade … saw to the south about 10 km before arriving at Punta Loyola a white helicopter that moved very low about 150 meters from the route and heading southeast. When he arrived at the office, he told me this, it was 3:10 in the morning, at 03:30 we received a radio call from one of the oil service transporters who was returning by the coastal route that from Punta Loyola borders the sea, to the south, about 15 km from us. He said he saw a helicopter landed between the route and the sea, without lights, totally white and very large with 4 rows of windows … We left Punta Loyola with a partner and wearing a professional night vision infrared NOCX5 device and while he was driving I watched the distance with the device from the top of the truck up to the retractable glass roof. I spotted the helicopter in the distance and we got closer quickly until we reached almost 100 meters from where it was, I asked him to turn off the lights completely from the vehicle and stop him. At that moment I see go, from my right to my left, crossing the route and in the direction of the helicopter, a figure of medium height, thin and that in the light of the viewer appeared with two striking details, one a longer than normal neck and two with the arms that reached to his knees. This entity got on the helicopter and it immediately took off towards the east, that is, towards the sea. I managed to take several images with the camera adapted to the night viewer, which this afternoon delivered to be analyzed in Rio Gallegos. We checked the terrain with flashlights and with the night viewer but we did not find footprints although the terrain was depressed in the place where the helicopter had its wheels resting, I clarified that it did not have skates but wheels, from which I took images and also delivered for its analysis in Río Gallegos.
By this time, I have no doubt that the researcher in Rio Gallegos is our Dr. Sofia. In this narrative, it appears that Dr. Sofia took the images of the helicopter and entity for the study of the entity. But could it just have well been to confiscate the images of the white helicopter, now connected with an entity? The continued submission of sighting reports in Santa Cruz will soon support a connection between the white helicopters and entities.
The events which took place during the next month, October 2017, were the center of the remaining reports in this region surrounding the white helicopters, white vehicles, and strange entities (sounding like grays as described by Marco, and also some like Nordics, as described below).  Cases 87471, 87479, 87501 and 87537 were all submitted between October 20-23, 2017, concerning events occurring on October 19 and 20.
A witness named Carlos submitted a sighting report on October 20.  He was driving south toward Rio Gallegos at night, in the area of Coy Aike (name of indigenous Tehuelche tradition place), about 80 km before Rio Gallegos. Suddenly he saw two figures in the middle of the road, which did not appear to be touching the ground. At first, he thought it was cattle, so he sped up (the only way to escape unharmed from cattle, he wrote). He writes:
I clung to the steering wheel and arrived instantly, when I was about to hit them, the lights of the vehicle showed two beings or something like that with long necks and arms that seemed to disappear before reaching hands, a long torso and legs that also seemed to disappear before arriving to the ground. They had a face that was nothing like the human face and in the lower part of the neck a kind of collar like very dark black. I thought about stopping but it came very fast and I knew that if I did it was going to overturn, so I just waited for the impact, but the vehicle crossed the 2 entities as if they were not there; this happened before finishing the climb just in the place where there are some hills, then the route turns to the right, I looked in the mirror and the figures, ghosts or entities were still there in the same place in the middle of the route. I followed a few meters and stopped on the shoulder, waited a couple of
minutes and got out of the vehicle carrying the pepper spray in my hand, the SUV did not have a scratch, I walked back past the curve and there was nothing left … I continued on my way. I made about 10 km to the south and when I was transiting the climb called “long climb”, a white helicopter crossed the route from east to west very low over the road, I felt only a rumor and it seemed strange because I was very close, that scared me a bit so I hurried the march to get to Río Gallegos. At the Puesto de Guer Aike, 30 km before arriving at Río Gallegos, they asked me where I had come from and if I had seen something strange on the route, I told them that only one helicopter, nobody would believe me about the entities that I saw and unless I crossed them with the SUV.
A second, nearly identical description of an entity in the province. And again, a white helicopter at the scene, asking questions of individuals driving in the region. Who is questioning them, and why?
The same day, another report (87479) was submitted to CMS, from witnesses Maria and Pedro, for a sighting in nearby Puerto Coig. The short description in CMS read “a night of terror in Puerto Coig.” By this time in the investigation, the concerns for what was happening in Argentina were becoming numerous and worrisome. Why are all these people sending report after report to MUFON? Some report objects, some report entities, but most are just telling of the fear and troubles of the people in the Santa Cruz province. The event submitted by Pedro, a businessman, describes a trip he took with his wife (a bookkeeper) and his children (students of law, engineering and journalism); they are all from Patagonia.  Pedro’s partial narrative, translated:
Since Monday 10/16/17 we were encamped in Puerto Coig, an abandoned town and port that lies on the seashore entering via Provincial Route 57 at a distance of around 125 kilometers from Río Gallegos. We thought about staying 10 days to observe the stars because we are amateurs of astronomy and spent a mini vacation with our three children who study in Buenos Aires in a quiet place and respecting the  environment … midnight 10/19/17 we started to hear a muffled rumor like a distant but insistent purr, at the beginning we did not see anything strange but the rumor continued for almost 1 hour. After that time, we saw a blue electric lighting to the west as if someone lights the sky with a reflector that came out of a small valley about 500 meters away, we decided to go see what it was thinking that it could be an extraction site of oil… before           reaching the edge of the hollow, at about 200 meters, a large gray helicopter, very light or white and without lights, was raised above the light illuminated from below… we began to look with the binoculars with which we observed the stars, the helicopter had no marks             and practically did not make noise, the rumor or purr came from below the hollow. In an instant appeared in the distance about 80 meters from us a figure coming out of the hollow and coming for us, it was high and we thought it was a person first, but looking in more detail with the binoculars we saw that it seemed to have no hands or feet and it was like floating on the floor. His head was separated from his body by a long thin neck, and in this he had as an object a dark necklace with a light that revolved around him. We took several photos with the cell phone adapter (40 megapixel) for the binoculars
while this was happening. We were very scared and more when that creature raised one of its arms that seemed to end up in stumps without hands towards where we were. Then we started running like crazy for where we had the camping without looking back, when we arrived we raised everything as we could and we threw it inside the truck and we left at full speed for our house. We do not know what it was all about, but some friends recommended someone in Río Gallegos who studies these topics, we are going to take the photos in person after the elections on Sunday 22.
This is the third report of an entity with long arms and neck; the second report where the entity is floating off the ground, with stubs where hands and feet belong; the third report involving a white helicopter. And yet another report where evidence was turned over to someone from Rio Gallegos? It must be Dr. Sofia. What is his relationship with those in the white helicopters, helicopters rising from wells in the ground? What is the relationship of these entities with the white helicopters? Can it be coincidental that they are always sighted together? Why does Dr. Sofia confiscate all evidence, and make people sign contracts? Is it any accident that, in nine of the 20 cases being investigated, email addresses are no longer valid, only 18 months later? This is an area with little population. And they all know of this “special” researcher in Rio Gallegos. And only a couple emails are responded to? I was to learn later that this Dr. Sofia considers himself so important that only special people can join his special “network.” He disparages a man in a public Internet site posting, saying he is too stupid to belong. And Maria tells me this network has to do with artificial intelligence. I thought it just might be an internet service provider providing technical connection in the area. There appears to be much more to this story.
The third key sighting submission (87501) from October 19-20 was submitted to MUFON by Juan Pablo. Again, this is not an event in which he personally observed an object, but another update on the happenings in Puerto Coig.
A witness named Juan Pablo saw a story on a local website (one wonders whether it is connected to the network run by Dr. Sofia). He felt the need to report it to us. It is a familiar story – that of the family above (in 87479) camping in Puerto Coig. His translated narrative supports their story and the impression it made upon the locals:
It was known today October 21 in the morning through a web site in the Argentine Patagonia that a Santa Cruz family lived moments of terror at midnight on October 19 when they were camping in an old abandoned port on the shores of the Argentine sea. In the historic area of ​​Puerto Coig, a married couple and their three grown children were surprised in the dark of the night by strange lights and the presence of what appeared to be a large helicopter without signs evolving in a ravine half a kilometer away, where they were. The family, curious about the events, approached the place but was intimidated by an anthropomorphic entity whose arms and legs seemed to end only in stumps without hands or feet, which seemed to be floating in the air and which interposed on its way to the site. The family said to be sure that it was not a spectral apparition, that is to say a ghost, very common in the historical tradition of the place and they were inclined to think that it could be an extraterrestrial entity. They added that they took many photographs from a distance of less than 100 meters through binoculars equipped with cameras of first technology for observation of the sky, although they were reluctant to provide any until they are not studied by specialists from the city of Río Gallegos, capital of the province of Santa Cruz. A curious fact contributed by the family was the sensation of fear and intimidation coming from the entity, and a silent but persistent presence of voices as if they were influencing them telepathically to move them away from the place. This chronicler tried to access the place after noon but the passage the place was interrupted by a security slogan and it was impossible to do so.
The story is familiar in many respects to the other cases from this time period and area. Again, the specialist in Rio Gallegos, who must review everything, kept all evidence and documents, and
sometimes swore witnesses to secrecy. And as always at the scene, the white helicopters. And who
is blocking off the area afterward? Dr. Sofia, the same entities and white helicopters. By this time, there most certainly must be a correlation. Patagonia is known in the past for Nazis fleeing there after WWII, as they supposedly did to Antarctica, a short distance away from Patagonia. White helicopters in an obvious relationship with non-human entities? How long has this been going on? The secrecy, the complete allegiance to Dr. Sofia, who keeps all evidence from reaching MUFON and seems to have some sort of bizarre control over the people in this area—it’s all very bizarre. And where is our National Director, Claudio del Rosario? How does he fit into this picture? There were still more questions than answers in this investigation.
These events aroused the suspicion of the media. A journalist—Ana from Chile—and her team travelled to Patagonia to investigate the story of this same family. She wrote a very long narrative of the experience of her team as she tried to investigate these happenings and submitted it to us through CMS (#87537). Her story, translated below, is worth reading in its entirety. She submitted this report to MUFON on October 23, 2017, and it centers on the events of 87471 and 87479:
We were covering a note on tourism in Comandante Luis Piedra Buena, Argentina, … when we learned about the publication of MUFON that exposes the testimony of a traveler who sighted an entity in the middle of the route in the area of ​​Coy Aike. We decided to travel to the south and stopped at the place Le Marchand which is a must stop for truckers and travelers; there we found out that the previous day a family had had a … meet the unknown in Puerto Coig, which is in the same area of ​​Coy Aike, although towards the sea. We saw that MUFON reproduced these cases and we understand that the event lasted more than 4 hours from 19/10 to 20/10 and we believe, without being able to confirm that the events were extended more in the time towards high hours of the morning of the day 20/10. In Le Marchand we spoke with several people, truckers, locals and occasional travelers, although very distrustful … they gave us the following solid data: 1) The family that had the meeting in Puerto Coig was very scared; 2) at dawn of 20/10 there were unusual movements in the area, of vehicles, helicopters and personnel dressed in suits of security as commonly used in scientific investigations; 3) the steps to Puerto Coig were           closed by security personnel for several hours but there were no explanations of why;      and 4) several interviewees pointed out that we should make more inquiries to the center of the provincial territory to find the truth. With these, other tracks and a sketch drawn in detail by a local freight carrier we continue on our way to Puerto Coig along the long route that descends from Le Marchand following the RP 57 that goes south    from RN 3. With surprise in the middle of the moor and half way we are about 10 km with two people who recommended us not to advance by the state of the road after the torrential and
brief rain from the previous night, but we did not find roadblocks along the way like those described by those we interviewed. Without being able to get there we hit the turn and decided to follow the track of the sketch, which indicated that a caravan of high-end off-road vehicles, white and identified only by a symbol (drawn in detail by the transport driver) that resembles a circle traversed vertically by a line and reddish orange. As an entry, we were interested in the topic because the place, Puerto Coig (or Coyle by its indigenous name), is mentioned in many Argentine and foreign documents referred to the sighting of UFOs, suspicious activities at the time of the Second World War and even suppositions of the settlement of submarine bases. We retraced our steps 70 km north on RN 3 to the junction with RP 9, we took this route that goes west following the sketch provided and doing about 60 km the loneliest and most arid road we find a white vehicle with the aforementioned symbol … on the side of the road. His presence was as if he were in another context, the gray Patagonian desert cut by this totally impeccable high-end vehicle, we slowed down but we continued the march; for him rearview we saw how he started to follow a good distance, which he did for about 20 km. We decided to stop at an open, almost panoramic point from where you can see the plateau and the valley of the Santa Cruz River, my companions and I were four and visitors of that region… The vehicle that followed us took a few minutes to get to where we were, two people got out of it, a very tall man and woman, more than 2 m tall dressed in impeccable light-colored suits of a cloth similar to that of evening dresses that had an iridescent tone as the sun shone. They introduced themselves by their first names and when we were going to do the same, they told us that we already knew who we were and they called us by our names. This was shocking, in our country they know us but on the other side of the mountain range and in the middle of nowhere that someone knows our names, personal data and what we do for developing open journalism is very rare and even a little intimidating. Very patchy but very polite, they asked us if they could help us with something, we hesitated for a moment and my web producer was totally honest, which we thought was the most appropriate … He told him that we were looking for information on what happened on          Route 3 and in Puerto Coig about the sighting of strange entities and events. They thanked us for our sincerity and took a moment to go to their vehicle, from which they came back to tell us that they could “partially collaborate” with us but that we should leave our vehicle in the place and they would take us. So we did, we got into his luxurious 4×4, the trip lasted about 3 hours … Our hosts did not say a word on the whole trip, they only offered us drinks and something to eat; something we found strange … We finally arrived at a typical Patagonian construction, which was imitated by the gray landscape outside of which two other vehicles were parked, the same as the ones that transported us. They invited (us in, to) stretch our legs and then access the toilets. Any of us would not have expected to find in the midst of those wastelands covered with porcelain stone and hot and cold water, perfumed white towels and an environment heated, but it was. There were four more people in the place, two couples also of high stature who, when we entered, greeted us correctly and then left in their vehicles. Our hosts told us that we should wait a few hours and that the facilities were at our disposal, they showed us the fully equipped kitchen where everything was electric, curious because we had not seen solar panels, wind mills or generators outside, and invited us to prepare a dinner to our liking which we did grateful. It was not less than five hours and it was already getting dark when we saw a large white helicopter landing from the window, less than 50 meters away. A single person entered the house.  Our hosts gave us a paper notebook and a pair of pencils. We understood that our cell phones, laptops and cameras were for at that moment, they lost their battery charge, a surprise more than with sincerity we did not expect. This man of about 60 years old appeared with each of us shaking hands and told us that we had 30 minutes to elaborate five questions that he would answer with taste. After a while and late at night we met  andthe result was this. Question 1: What happened in Puerto Coig and RN 3 between October 19 and 20? Answer: a series of unnatural anomalies accompanied by a long event occurred prolonged with different stages of activity and influence on a dozen witnesses among which are night travelers, transport drivers and occasional campers; all have been contacted and are receiving the proper assistance and advice. Question 2: Did a UFO fall in the place, and the entities seen were extraterrestrial? Answer: no artifact was rushed to earth in the place, references already published in some sites are inaccurate and of diffuse details, it must be taken into account that human perceptions at night are affected by the diminution of their senses and to a certain extent influenced against the unknown and surprising. Question 3: Is the helicopter seen in the place and described by the witnesses the same one that is outside, and its personnel intervened in these events? Answer: it is not the same, and yes, our staff participated in field studies of these  events, studies that are still being developed. Question 4: Are you a regional research organization, what do you do, and are you the owner? Answer: no, we are a global organization, our laboratories occupy their resources in applied research in different areas. I’m not the owner although he is in Patagonia. Question 5: Can we know in person their operations center if this existed, where the resources for all their activity come from and have been able to detect evidence of activity          extraterrestrial in Patagonia? Answer: annually a publication is made in the press where you are invited to send personal information for those who want to know the laboratories, this has been done for more than five years, after the selection the visit lasts two days; the resources come from personal and individual contributions of low amount that they are around the value of a liter of naphtha contributed by many users of our services around the world. Finally, non-human activity in Patagonia and the rest of the world is measured by a system of measurement and      evaluation that is not the one usually used by people to function in their fields on a daily basis, whatever they may be, the use of term “extraterrestrial” is paradigmatic  if we compare it with many elements that are not local like meteorites, particles, planetary and stellar influences among others that affect our development and evolution as a race as with the rest of the living species on Earth. The generality discusses, speculates and rejects the presence and influence of the intelligent non-human on the planet, often does it with fear for that of the processes of extinction but in this case, there is no worse engine of extinction of species than the human being, we just have to see the enormous amount of extinct species in the last century for its hand; the elements of proof in this sense are not circumstantial, but it       must be borne in mind that those who engage in these searches go into a swampy land. In your case these non-human intelligences appear without the will to want to be exposed and if we owed due respect to another intelligence, we could understand why many ufologists end up trapped in a spiral of egos and inventions … while the humanity observes and searches, at the same time these opposite intelligences do the own thing being able perhaps to influence the collective reasoning of imperceptible forms. We could not add new questions in front of his answers that left us even more doubts in the        inkwell, because this gentleman left at almost midnight. They invited us to spend the night with the warning that we should not leave the premises, they indicated our bedroom and we could even take a shower that allowed us to spend a quiet night and rest. We woke up the next day around seven o’clock in the morning and our hosts without hurrying allowed us to cleanse and have breakfast with tranquility as if we were in our own house.We left near nine in the morning towards our vehicle which we arrived near noon on another totally silent trip, in doing so we found another of the 4×4 Whites who had apparently spent the night keeping our transport. They said goodbye to us with courtesy, our devices continued with their batteries discharged and curiously the       backup batteries we had in our vehicle as well. They were unloaded, but not the battery itself. We made the trip back to Chile in one go only loading fuel and taking turns to drive … we did not want to delay sharing this with those who have followed us all these years, which is why we chose MUFON to do it in the account which is a world reference in these respects …
The picture was coming together. I had no doubt that Dr. Sofia was the head of this group. But I still did not know the name of the group. And the logo on the vehicles:  What was that, and to whom did it belong? And these tall strange people, dressed oddly:  Who were they? For some reason Nordics came to mind for me, but perhaps I was just speculating about that Nazi past. There were more cases in CMS, and they were to provide more answers.

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