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A Texas witness at Flint reported a “highly reflective” cylinder-shaped object flying at high speed and followed by two other objects, according to testimony in Case 94292.

The witness and his wife were outside at a swimming pool with a clear sky and no clouds at 6:35 p.m. on August 18, 2018.

“I noticed a bright, cylindrical object directly overhead at a very high altitude,” the witness stated. “Which is normal for commercial flights in our area, which we see occasionally. However, this object had no wings and was travelling at a high rate of speed. My wife and I watched the object as it passed and moved away. The sun was lower on the horizon and was reflecting extremely brightly off the side of the object. As we watched the object move away, we saw it change from a smooth, cylindrical shape to look more like four interconnected spheres appearing like a caterpillar or pearl necklace. The object disappeared from sight moments later. Scanning the sky, we saw one and then another object of similar shape, but smaller, travelling in the same direction, at a similar speed and altitude as the first object. At that point I started thinking something really strange was happening.

“We observed the two smaller objects until they appeared like bright stars seen during daylight, then they faded from view.

“Moments later we saw two aircraft at what appeared to be the same altitude flying in the same direction as the objects. The aircraft were travelling much slower than we would expect from the normal flights we see. The aircraft were unusual. One was a large, four-engine, all white bomber-looking type aircraft. The other was orange or red and looked more like a commercial aircraft-type plane. As they passed overhead they followed the same flight path as the objects, as if they were in pursuit. They had no chance of catching them.

“I stayed watching the sky for a time (15 to 20 minutes) when I suddenly saw the two aircraft return.  They performed a circle and then split up. One on the same flight path as the objects, the other on a more westerly heading. This action in and of itself is very unusual for our skies as we’ve never seen aircraft of that type turn around. I had my phone camera ready, but only managed to get a telephoto shot of the white bomber-looking plane.

“My wife and I are convinced we saw something very unusual. The objects we saw were not normal aircraft and most certainly did not have any wings. I actually felt a sense of fear when I saw the objects. I checked the local news for any reports but found nothing. The entire incident happened fairly quickly.

“The incident was such that I feel compelled to share my experience here in the hope that perhaps someone else might do the same to corroborate our sighting.”

Texas MUFON State Director Gary A. Neitzel closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.


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