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People reported 95 UFO sightings in Oregon and 160 in Washington state (2018) last year to the National UFO Reporting Center. The center, based in Davenport, Wash., receives UFO reports from all around the world. The Center makes no claims as to the validity of the information in any of these reports.

Among the 2018 reports:
* A January 23 report from Eugene: "It looked like combat at near satellite altitude. There were several white flashes of different intensity. First traveling west to east, then turning north"
* A July 20 report out of Springfield: "As a former pilot of 20 years professionally my friend called to my attention a white light coming directly over his house in Springfield, OR, from the the south. I estimated it was in the 30's as far as altitude. No sound but moving very quickly. Might be an aircraft, but what was weird is the large bright light stayed bright even when it passed to the north. No beacon or strobes of any kind. In fact other aircraft were in the sky at the time and as a pilot I do know the difference. I would say its speed was double of what the other aircraft were traveling at the time. We will be out tonight to see if it reoccurs. Thank you."
* A July 28 report from Eugene: "2 Solid Teal Green lights East of my sight Both lights Stationary at First Then both became Solid Red lights or Balls and the right light floated and moved due North... No pattern Then both Lights sank below tree line"
* A November 30 report out of Florence: "I was decorating my front yard for Christmas. I heard a big jet in the sky close by, so I looked up to see. As I was watching the jet fly North, I saw a row of lights, 5 total,in a line, flying south. It was either one long craft with 5 lights, or it was 5 different flying crafts flying in formation. The object was not very high in the sky, and the lights were not bright, they were somewhat dim, like trying to he camouflaged. The only sound I heard was from the jet plane flying North. I saw this same object, flying the same direction and flying this height about 4 weeks ago at 3:30am."
* A December 5 report from Junction City: "In Western sky over Junction City we saw a circular shape with lights around it for about 45 minutes. Never moved. In the Western sky we saw a circular shape with red, white and yellow lights flashing around it. It never moved but appeared to shine a light out from it."
The National UFO Reporting Center said it has recently seen a high volume of prank calls on its hotline, “typically dozens per day we suspect that the same problem may spill over to the stream of incoming written reports.”
However, it said, “there are, nevertheless, many excellent reports, submitted by anonymous parties, that deserve a reader’s attention, so an anonymous report is not necessarily unreliable.”

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