UFO spotters meet up at annual MUFON summit in New Jersey

UFO spotters meet up at annual MUFON summit in New Jersey

July 26, 2018 - WHYY

This weekend, the world's premiere UFO tracking organization will descend upon Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in a flash of intergalactic light. The Mutual UFO Network, which boasts more than 500 UFO field investigators worldwide, will host the annual multi...

UFO and paranormal conferences: Are they obsolete?

UFO and paranormal conferences: Are they obsolete?

May 3, 2018 - Syracuse New Times

For those who want to be field investigators, MUFON features online classes and testing, plus MUFON usually hosts an all-day field investigator class prior to a convention. But you have to get in your car and attend a convention to meet these wonderful...

2016 MUFON Symposium - Field Investigator Training

www.MUFONsymposium.com 2016 Symposium Field Investigators Training Itinerary Thursday, August 25th ​ This year's FI Training brings a fresh, new, ...

MUFON's UFO Investigator Boot Camp 2014

On October 21 to 25, 2014, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) held a UFO investigator boot camp in Wickenburg, Arizona. We went out there to see what it was ...

Join MUFON as a Field Investigator

This is the first of a series of videos from the Australian & New Zealand Chapter of MUFON International. Please subscribe and keep updated with the amazing ...

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Keeping with the international stature of MUFON, we are pleased to announce our new Director of Field Investigator Training, Ryan Stacey.

Ryan is a certified Private Investigator and President and C.E.O. of Black Light Investigative and Surveillance Services. He is also Provincial Director for Ontario, Canada; works on the International CAG, and is a STAR Team member. 

Ryan has been involved in the UFO/Paranormal field for a number of years and has been featured on television, lectured at a number of conferences (Alien Cosmic Expo, MUFON Canada Conference), and has been published in the MUFON Journal. Outside of MUFON, he served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 2015 to 2017 - Reserve Force Infantry. He brings a well rounded resume and set of skills to his new role in MUFON.

Ryan will be looking for your help as he continues the great work begun in moving our FI Training into the 21st Century and beyond. His first order of duty will be administering MUFON University, and overseeing FI Training at the 2018 MUFON Symposium. Please join us in welcoming Ryan to his new role.

MUFON - Cases of Interest Blog

PictureWitness illustration from Case 84756, Missouri, July 1, 2017.

by Roger Marsh

UFO investigations have clearly identified one object maneuver occasionally seen by a witness – where a larger object is emitting smaller objects. These smaller objects are often observed simply moving away from the larger object and speeding away, but in other cases move toward the ground level and eventually return back to the larger object.

From 241 reports listed in UFO Cases of Interest: 2018 Edition, there are three cases where the witness watched as smaller objects moved out of a larger object.

A Missouri witness at Kansas City reported watching a tear-shaped bright light eject a smaller orb of the same white color, according to testimony in Case 84756.

The witness was outside about 4:20 p.m. on July 1, 2017 and looked up at the sky through a break in the tree.

“I saw a teardrop-shaped bright light, (similar color of a LED light), stationary,” the witness stated. “It ejected a smaller orb of same color. “The large teardrop-shaped UFO was moving right then left, then right again, at last shifting upward and then it shut off or disappeared. The smaller orb was moving faster than any jet. If I had to guess it was higher than a jet liner.”
The witness was unable to get another witness.

“I walked around the house and looked in the west direction when I saw another orbed light (LED) moving at a very fast speed. It was moving toward the north. It was approximately 10 miles away I would have to guess.”

Missouri MUFON Field Investigator Lawrence Tyree closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle. Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri, population 481,420.

A Washington D.C. witness reported a slow moving, bright white object that emitted a smaller object, according to testimony in Case 86131.

The incident occurred at 3:35 p.m. on August 21, 2017, during a partial eclipse that the witness said was near the end “before the clouds rolled in.”

“A friend and I had been watching the eclipse in Rock Creek Park with the naked eye,” the witness stated. “I spotted a small, circular, bright white object in the sky that looked like it could be a planet, but I've seen these or similar objects before in DC and knew I was seeing the same phenomenon again. The object appeared at first to be hovering, but eventually I realized it was moving slowly westward.”

The witness was fortunate to have binoculars with him.

“With my binoculars, I see the object, a brilliant white sphere, clearly emit a smaller, highly luminescent object, but that light appeared to then re-enter the white sphere. Thirty seconds to a minute later, the sphere emitted another tiny, glowing light/object, and that one too appeared to re-enter the white sphere.”

The sphere then shrunk very rapidly.

“Approximately a minute later, while I was looking through the binoculars, the sphere abruptly shrank down to a tiny point of light similar to the small objects emitted earlier (my friend observing naked-eye had thought it completely disappeared), and there appeared to be ghostly concentric circles (at least two) barely visible around the point of light. The entire structure, including the translucent circles was larger than the original size of the white sphere – perhaps 3-4 times the diameter.”

The witness then lost sight of the object.

“Less than 30 seconds later, the object was covered by the incoming storm clouds and we didn't see it again. This was a very exciting experience for both of us.”

CAG member Fred Kohler for MUFON investigated this case and closed it as an Unknown – Other.

“Checked Stellarium and nothing coming up there,” Kohler stated in his report. “I believe he saw something that is un explainable at this time. Not many reports of seeing planet-like objects or spheres in broad daylight. Witness made a statement above, ‘Less than 30 seconds later, the object was covered by the incoming storm clouds and we didn't see it again.’ These storm clouds could have been a mask for the object, for there was no storm in the area and the day was clear without clouds.”

A Texas witness at DeKalb reported watching a brightly lit craft with no lights that ejected smaller orbs before moving away, according to testimony in Case 86357.

The witness was driving along a farm market road heading to work at 8:30 p.m. on August 24, 2017.

“I noticed that there was a strange looking flying craft with two bright lights that really stood out but the whole craft was very lit up,” the witness stated. “It was coming from my south side from across a pasture.”

The witness quickly grabbed a cell phone and started recording video.

“The craft came across the pasture and then got in front of me and was flying directly above the road in front of me as I'm recording it. I am driving and taping at the same time. We go like this for a while when I then notice there are two star-size lights or orbs that are falling from the craft. A few seconds after this, I actually go under the craft and I look up through my sun roof and can see the bottom of it. It appeared to be square and lit underneath. It's hard to recall but seemed to have maybe pink and blue lighting.”

The witness did not get that event on video due to driving.

“Very shortly after that I found a driveway to pull into so that I could get out and see this thing. After I pulled into the driveway, which was now in front of the craft, I grabbed my cell and tried to get more video. I could see the craft. It was hovering in a clearing in the direction I just came from it was lit up and unusual looking. You can at this point hear the sound of it on my video, but you can't see it. It then goes straight back in the direction we had just came from.”

The witness heard people talking across the street talking and walked over to ask if they saw it.

“It was a way back behind their house, but they were under their carport at the time and didn't see it, but one of the men said that they heard something.”

Texas MUFON State Director Gary Neitzel closed this case as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

“She was driving down FM Road 44 south of DeKalb,” Neitzel wrote in his report. “She saw the object at a distance which was lit up with bright lights. Eventually she was following the object down the road and this continued for a while.  The object then dropped two little lights.  Apparently, the object slowed or was stopping, and she slowed down to approximately 30 mph and actually drove under the object. . She looked at the object through her car sun roof.  She said the object looked square. During this time, she was video recording it with her cell phone. The object was now behind her and it was then hovering.

“She pulled into a driveway and got out of her car and tried to take more video. It was then that she heard a sound which she described as a loud hum. The object then goes back in the direction they had come from. She asked some people that were talking nearby if they had seen it.  They had not seen it since they were under a carport, but they did hear a sound. The witness was sure the object was not a helicopter or airplane. She thought the object had come within 100 feet of her. She described the object as bigger than a car. The object had two big, bright, white lights on either side, not like headlights, but at an angle. It also had laser pink lights but not real bright around it.
“It is not known what the object might have been. It surely was not military because it was very close to the witness. It does not appear to be a drone since it would be large for a drone and why was it appearing to target the witness. The fact that it came to fly over the road in front of the witness, slowed, let the witness fly under it, and hovered behind the witness does seem strange.  The case is being closed as an Unknown – UAV.

DeKalb is a city in Bowie County, Texas, United States, population 1,699.

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