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PictureMt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Pennsylvania witness at Mt. Pleasant reported watching a series of orbs in an alignment that seemed to move as a single unit, according to testimony in Case 90057 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness woke up at 1:38 a.m. on February 4, 2018, to take his dog outside.

“I always look outside at the bird feeder to check for deer,” the witness stated. “This extremely bright orb appeared. I thought it was a life flight helicopter. It didn’t move. Then two other orbs appeared, and they were in a perfect alignment with each other (straight up and down). They started to move as if they were attached to each other. Then another identical line of orbs, three in each line, a total of four lines evenly spaced.”

The witness then ran out his back door calling for his wife.

“She joined me outside. I pointed at the formation. We stood there and watched this formation travel from the southeast towards a northern track. It was like they were all connected. The spacing between each orb and each line was evenly spaced. The middle orb would just disappear then in a blink of an eye they would be there.”

The group of orbs then suddenly turned to the northeast as a single unit.

“They traveled towards Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, then in a single movement, each line suddenly disappeared as fast as they appeared. It was like watching ‘Star Trek.’ My wife turned to me and said these words: ‘I thought “Ancient Aliens” and “Hangar One” is a farce. We are not alone. They are real.’ We were bare footed and in our pajamas standing on ice and we didn’t realize this. She stated there is a reason people don’t get these events on film. You don’t think of it. You just stand there in amazement of it all. She doesn’t want to talk about it nor wants anybody to know about it.”

Pennsylvania MUFON Field Investigator Jason Geis closed this case as an Unknown Other.


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