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42 years ago on 26th November 1977, The Galactic command Broadcast LIVE on BBC TV here in the UK in an attempt to reach out and offer us all fair warning we were at risk of failing as a society if we didn't change our ways.

Since this message, not many changes or response to this genuine plea has been witnessed in the mainstream and the world is currently left approaching 2020 on its knees.

Our global leaders and peers above us who rule and govern are failing us and each other, will we survive the transition the Federation suggested was imminent or will the universe decide to draw a clean line in the sand and erase us from existence?

Well that's not going to happen as we now know we are quarantined from the rest of the Universe as we are a species that would contaminate the current balance and equilibrium that exists beyond our Solar System if we were allowed to explore it.

The Karma program is also designed to prevent you from ascending after death in 3D and we are all currently locked back in to re-incarnate until we ALL learn Ascension has to be achieved before we cross over and hope everyone reading this feels with increasing urgency a need to ensure other achieve the same level of enlightenment.
Many are currently choosing to stay asleep or opting for keeping this knowledge secret and ripping others off to gain commercially by drip feeding the information in book after book after video after autobiography - WAKE UP - ITS all a SCAM, the information is FREELY available if you know who to trust and where to look.

Follow my Channel in 2020 for tips & information how to secure your path towards what should be a unique awakening experience that will assist you understand, learn and observe what is about to be manifested here on Earth. Be warned of FALSE Prophets in 2020 - It is time for Vision & Clarity to help you walk away from those who try to control.
It is anticipated the Mass Awakening Event being predicted will apex sometime during the year ahead of us and will involve a Global Shift in our Understanding of the Universe and its simplicity in its complexity will become CRYSTAL Clear,

Please see my other videos from the Galactic Federation & Ria Aurora Athena Ash who I currently collaborate with to ensure the lightworker community is fully prepared for what's instore, please also see my Community & Causes Playlist, another reason I am here to help.
Final Words:
Its up to us to change and stand up with a clear united voice in oneness so I post this video as a reminder we are being offered a chance to speed up our evolution as we exit out of the 4th Dimension into the 5th Re-birthing of our Planet Gaia - You will either make the transition or remain trapped in 3D Matrix Reality until you are ready to awaken.

Andrew @Beyondclarity2020 Awakening & Ascension Club UK
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