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Channel: Frequency Fence  

This is the third FrequencyFence channel. Youtube has deleted the original and the first BackUp channel. Without a warning and without issuing 3 strikes. They are simply all "inappropriate content". They use the "Community Guideline Rules" as an arbitrary instrument to suppress unpleasant truths.

Youtube is controlled and censored by pedophile serial child murderers and reptilian Satanists.
These corporations (among others) are run by dangerous alien (grey, reptilian, insectoid) criminals: Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Shopify, I-Tunes, Fiverr, Godaddy.

Not only corporations, but also parliaments, institutions, media, military, organizations. Human civilization is completely infiltrated from bottom to top by non-human beings and interspersed with Satanism and pedophilia. These are not isolated cases but a highly organized global industry. Tens of thousands of people worldwide are kidnapped to be used and consumed in secret underground bases by aliens for experiments. Earth is a reptilian farm.

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