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CONFESSION: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed

     UFOs and Nukes researcher Robert Hastings and military whistleblower Dr. Bob Jacobs have recently acknowledged their previously concealed status as ‘experiencers’ in their newly-released, co-authored book, CONFESSION: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed. (#ad) The pair will be interviewed by investigative reporter George Knapp on his Coast to Coast AM radio show this Sunday, November 17th, at 10 p.m. Pacific Time (1 a.m. Eastern Time, Monday, November 18th).

Since 1973, Hastings’ investigations have focused on UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites, as revealed in declassified

Robert Hastings

By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

government documents and the testimony of scores of former or retired military personnel whom he has interviewed. His September 27, 2010 press conference in Washington D.C., during which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed their involvement in such incidents, was live-streamed by CNN and favorably covered by other major media organizations worldwide.

Although not a participant in that press event, Dr. Jacobs has become well-known after revealing his knowledge of perhaps the most dramatic nukes-related case on record. Dubbed the Big Sur UFO Incident, it involved a domed, disc-shaped craft being inadvertently filmed during an ICBM test launch at Vandenberg AFB, California, in September 1964. Amazingly, the UFO was seen to chase and then circle the separated dummy nuclear warhead in flight over the Pacific Ocean—before shooting it down with weaponized beams of light! Although debunkers have unsuccessfully attempted to discredit the case by misstating or ignoring the evidence, another former U.S. Air Force officer, Dr. Florenz Mansmann, has confirmed Dr. Jacobs’ revelations and states that the CIA confiscated the film of the nearly unbelievable event.

Despite Hastings’ and Jacobs’ nuts-and-bolts approach to the UFO phenomenon—exclusively investigating and reporting military-related cases—over time each has independently experienced bizarre and frightening encounters with what they have concluded are non-human entities. Understanding that publicly confessing these experiences would negatively impact their credibility—among UFO skeptics and proponents alike—they’ve remained silent for decades. Until now.

While the authors readily admit that they cannot provide irrefutable proof for their claims, they nevertheless assert that their ongoing encounters are physically real and not explainable by prosaic scenarios such as sleep paralysis, vivid dreaming, or an overactive imagination. Consequently, they are among the steadily growing number of humans worldwide who have reported experiencing what appear to be face-to-face interactions with alien beings.

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