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A Czech Republic witness at Novy Jicin
The witness was in a swimming pool 11:01 p.m. on June 1, 2018.

“Above the nearby town of Pribor was a large thunderstorm and flashes at around 11 p.m.,” the witness stated. “And suddenly, a three-helical, triangular-shaped object appeared on the ground above my house and sailed across the sky toward the southwest. When he was at my level, he did a little maneuver and leaned at a distance of about 20-degrees to me and continued on the flight without noise and lighting. I was quite impressed when he appeared so close to me completely silent, and I saw the contours and the hemisphere, and I watched in amazement as he went on to the neighboring houses and disappeared on the horizon. I lost sight at the last house in our street.”

Czech Republic MUFON Field Investigator Magdalena Biziuk closed this case as Information Only.


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