An asteroid very narrowly missed the Earth last Thursday, and the scientists apparently had no clue about its approach. The large asteroid, about 100 metres in diameter, was nicknamed ‘city-killer’ due to the potential threat it posed. By TWC7-30-19 According to reports, the rock, named Asteroid 2019 OK, passed within 73,000 kilometres of…

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Plans To Defend Earth From Deadly Asteroid Strike

     What would we do if we knew an asteroid was on a collision course with Earth? That’s the question that will be asked next week as NASA, the European Space Agency and others prepare for the possibility of a near-Earth object (NEO) impact in future. By Jamie CarterForbes4-25-19 […] Continue Reading ► See…

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Secrets of the Oumuamua Asteroid – Maybe UFO

YouTube: ufo news Secrets of the Oumuamua Asteroid – Maybe UFO On October 2018 a mysterious, super-fast cigar-shaped object was seen entering our solar system. The bizarre Oumuamua asteroid some say this might be a … YouTube: alien abduction An Abduction Experience Part 2 An interview with Debra Kauble White (Debbie Jordan) from Budd Hopkins’…

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