Bright pulsating white light ufo moved erratically in different directs, fast, then slow, green beam flashed at one point, many bright white light objects shot out from it, in all directions. this ufo had a diamond shape. * This article was originally published here

I have had so many different obvious shaped units orbs spheres objects. i have many pics and videos of them on my surveillance camera but this one is different and i captured him slightly land on wall then take off. please observe the pictures * This article was originally published here

While watching a cloud that had suddenly appeared overhead i saw two white dots fly away from the cloud, one white dot was joined by a waiting nearby slightly larger elongated object as they flew away before the cloud disappeared. * This article was originally published here

I was barbequing in our back yard at 8:00 pm on march 10th, 2019. while i bbq i always look up at the stars, planes and helicopters in the sky. it was a partially cloudy night with a clearing in the middle of the night sky. i was looking north at a star when i…

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The bright orange orbs rose from the water and made their way up into the sky… 5 min pass and another set rose. was only able to catch second half * This article was originally published here

I was puzzled at what i was seeing, but it was an orb that had a very beautiful warm orange glow like the sun at sunset with a high yellow-orange middle that wrapped around it. it sat there for a few seconds then started to go up very slowly until it reached about 45 degrees…

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Driving back from uncle terry's girlfriends house in stanislaus with my mother. aircraft appeared like a fireball coming down at an angle not falling. hovered. continued into tees. * This article was originally published here

UFO Stalker UFO Sighting in California on 2018-12-05 22:40:00 – Looks like a star, but changed colors from green to blue to red apx. once every second. facing towards procyon in canis major constellation. this star like object is still changing colors as i write this documentation. i captured video on my phone. See short…

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UFO Stalker UFO Sighting in Millbrae, California on 2018-11-24 11:15:00 – Was flying through the clouds. reappeared in same spot minutes after first sighting flying in a straight path then completely disappearing against the blue sky. I was watching the fast moving clouds out my window. i saw the white circular object and it was…

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UFO Stalker UFO Sighting in San Mateo, California on 2018-11-06 18:00:00 – Bright light in the sky, looked like a star but bigger, hovered for a few minutes or so, then dimmed, and sped off to the other side of the horizon in seconds, where it hovered I was driving from foster city to sacramento….

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