Last evening myself and three other co-workers had a bon-fire under a nearly clear sky full of stars at hwy 22 and old man river in southern alberta. one of us noticed an extremely bright light slowly moving east about 2km above us in elevation. we all observed this stop in mid air then quickly…

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Wallkd out to my truck and observed an extreamly bright object hovering. object then accelerated moving south east to south west at an extram rate i have never seen before. with in less than a second it vanished leaving no trail or streak across the horizon * This article was originally published here

Light came in quickly, flashed brightly, then faded quickly away. * This article was originally published here

I don't feel comfortable leaving a detailed description that is public with my name attached. this encounter has left me shaken and wondering if what i saw was real. it was so close and gone so quickly. i will give a detailed description by phone. i had just returned home and parked in our garage….

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UFO Stalker UFO Sighting in Reese Creek Road, Oregon on 2018-09-13 00:00:00 – About 5 strobe flashes slowly moved across sky then a ship appeared in mist and disappeared I was on reese creek road. looking at the stars on a clear night. suddenly there was a flash of white light. a few seconds later…

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