Fast moving UFO over Mexico City 2/21/2020.

95 views   26 likes   0 dislikes   Channel: Only Real UFOs   Source Link: Leonardo Giusti Permissions Granted To Only Real UFOs This UFO sighting was filmed over Mexico City 02/21/2020 by Leonardo Giusti. You can share the link to this video on social media. Best UFO sightings filmed by me:…

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Hi, please re-email me your questions for my case #. 102959 i accidentally deleted it, and would like to respond to it. thank you darren * This article was originally published here

At 12:12 tonight while doing some back yard astronomy i saw a cluster of star like objects moving incredibly quickly across southern cygnus then south of lyra before i lost them behind the trees. they were in a hockey stick shape with the bend of the "stick" leading the pack. one object was at the…

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1727 views   108 likes   6 dislikes   Channel: ET Data Base   Source map:,-76.6142363,128603m/data=!3m1!1e3 Video length: 7:34 Category: Science & Technology 39 comments * This article was originally published here

At the tail end of a bunch of thunder and lighting storms in the area, i walked outside, at approx. 12:30-12:40 am on wednesday, july 24th, 2019. i could see the residual storm clouds, but to the south, in the darkness between the clouds i noticed that i could not see a large star that…

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I witnessed what looked like a star or a satellite. it let of an intense light then started moving quickly along a flight path and eventually faded in the horizon as it moved further away from me. i used siri to find out what flights were overhead, but nothing came up, which was odd because…

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UFO Moving Fast over Alaska | UFO Sightings 2019

16 views   3 likes   0 dislikes   Channel: The UFO God   UFO Moving Fast over Alaska | UFO Sightings 2019 #TheUFOGod #UFOs #OVNIS SUBSCRIBE to learn more about UFOs! Watch my top UFO Documentary! To Help support the Channel and Content don’t forget to click the link and pick up…

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Rectangle UFO spotted moving over Oregon

Dallas, Oregon. Credit: Google An Oregon witness at Dallas reported watching a large, gray, rectangular-shaped object reminiscent of an aircraft carrier moving overhead, according to testimony in Case 92560 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. The witness was sitting outside after dark on a lawn chair watching a movie on a laptop…

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Tube/beam with orbs inside moving near tree, viewed on infrared. * This article was originally published here

Fast moving orb lights caught on camera indoor two different times… unknown origin * This article was originally published here

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